Thursday, 28 February 2008

Back in the Action - For a Couple of Nights Anyway

Just got back from working some overtime on my old Unit - 71 Urology which I will be doing again tomorrow night. So exciting!!!!! First off, well, if you've read previous posts, you know, I really could use the money, secondly, sometimes I miss the action of the nursing unit. (It's nice to keep my hand in, and tonight, I got right back in the action like old times) Where I work now, I love it, I love the routine, I love my people, I love the clinic in general, and we're busy as well, but working on a nursing unit is a different kind of busy. It's knowing that at any minute things could get crazy and you have to be prepared for anything. So, that was kind of fun. (glad nothing too crazy happened though) I had a very nice compliment on my Unit Clerk skills from a Plastic Surgeon who came to do a consult. I was pleased with that (considering I haven't done it in a year - so humble) I hope they call me more often now that they know I can do the occasional evening. The problem is that as soon as I tell them that they legally are obligated to pay me overtime, they're all - well - umm - no we're not that desperate yet. Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow night.

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