Friday, 8 February 2008

Extracurricular Employment

I'm often amazed at the stories I've heard from actual people about how they've done so well in Network Marketing (or MLM's). Mainly because, I don't see how anyone could possibly without giving up their entire lifestyle, time, energy, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and sanity to do so. I've actually talked to people who have made a career of hopping from one MLM to the next and waiting for the one their in now to fall apart so that they can hop to the next one. I never fell for this in my earlier years, but living in this extremely expensive city (at the moment) and not being able to make ends meet as a health care worker, I looked for other options to increase my income. I kind of felt this one was alright, and decided I'd give it a try. Truthfully, it probably was a LOT better than most others out there mainly because it has an amazing leadership team, a great endorsement from someone who is respected worldwide, and also a great product. But, in the end, with my nutso life, I couldn't justify the time spent on it OR the money spent on ordering and using the product myself. So, as of today, I have resigned - FOREVER from Network Marketing. I'm just not cut out for it you know? I'm way too honest, and if someone doesn't absolutely need something, I can't tell them that they do. It just doesn't feel right you know? I have to focus my energy on other things, like self improvement overall, and in the funding department, I'm looking at taking on a second job. Perhaps something in data entry 2 or 3 evenings a week and Saturdays. So, if anyone knows of anything like that, let me know. I'm up for it. I've started networking (in the telling people - sense of the word ;-) to let people know that I'm looking for something like that. My background is a whole lot of health care, as well as a lot of computer knowledge (not in a programming way), and just about every retail and woodworking minion job that ever existed. (including a vast knowledge about pets as I worked at Petland), probably don't really want to ever go back to retail again to be honest with you, unless it was at a book store. So, if anyone knows of anything simple that I can do 2 or 3 eves a week and a Saturday or 2 a month, let me know. I'm interested.


Jason and M'Lisa Aimoto said...

Check out It's an online/corespondent course for medical transcription jobs. With your background in hospital work, this might be perfect for you! And you can work from home. It takes a bit of money up front but they have a payment plan and you have 12 months to finish the course. Who knows, you may be able to find something along these lines without all of the schooling with your background... just a thought for you.

Sheri said...

becky!!! i know where you come from girl!! i couldn't justify mary kay either..even if i loved the stuff i couldn't sell people expensive stuff thatw asn't what they would need. for the second employmenty front i have two ideas...flour daniel i have heard is awesome and also can run on flex time...which would rule. on the closer to medical feild..i have a friend who makes good $$$ at the CHRA call centre. they ahev days and nights and i'm almost positive theya re hiring!