Saturday, 1 March 2008

My Science Experiment

The other day, I was there in the Yoghurt aisle at the grocery store trying to find a good yoghurt that has the really good kind of bacteria in it. There's so many of these fancy schmancy kinds of bacteria out there now that are supposed to be really good for you. I was starting to get frustrated because all of these yoghurts are high in fat and sugars. I've been reading in this book about my condition that I need to avoid added sugars, and also fat, so I found myself frustrated that I couldn't find one that had the special bacteria and also was low in fat and sugar. So there I was at work voicing my frustrations at work to my co-workers, and Natalie suggests to me "Why don't you make your own yoghurt?" She told me that she found this Yogourmet mix at Sunterra Market that has the special bacteria in it that you make yourself. So, I figure, skim milk, splenda, a bit of fruit, bang, I've got my own special yoghurt. So, tonight, I'm going to give it a try. I'm sure I'll screw up my first batch, but why not, it's fun - like a science experiment. Heehee, so fun. Will let you know how it turns out. I'm sure it can't turn out too badly. If it works, maybe I'll move on to cheese one of these days. I was thinking last week, if there was a major emergency, and I was living on food storage for like a year or whatever, what would I do about cheese? I really don't know if I could live a whole year without cheese. So, the only answer is, one must learn how to make their own cheese. Granted, I would need land, and milk-producing cows, etc to begin with, but someday I do plan to have those things. Yes, I know I grew up in the city, but I'm a farm girl at heart. I long for the simple life really. Don't know if I'll ever have a simple life, but one can dream.

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