Friday, 1 February 2008

Lesser Known Facts About Becky

- I'm the biggest fan of history and most other "boring" topics that involve a good story.
- I have never been in any province in my country east of my own. :-(
- I've always had this fantasy about becoming an olympic athlete of some kind.
- I can sing the entire Sarah McLachlan album - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy from beginning to end in a really loud voice. (with accompaniment from the album)
- I have literally hugged a giant cactus. (saguaro)
- I've had my heart broken dozens of times by several different people, but have only really truly been in love once.
- I can (but would rather not) eat an entire bag of chips with an entire jar of salsa.
- I once owned a Bearded Dragon and would like to have other reptilian pets some day when I have my own home and space and time to take care of them. (also want dogs and cats)
- I want to live on a completely self-sufficient plot of land someday where I can raise my family - complete with wind turbines and solar panels and a lovely garden.
- My favorite singer of all time - Ella Fitzgerald.
- I have seen Neil Diamond in concert not once, but twice. (he's an amazing entertainer)
- I'm really grouchy when provoked. (no really, honestly)
- I once had a bigger collection of Star Wars memorabilia than any girl on the block.
- I don't tolerate pain well at all. (which I have inherited from my mother)

I'm sure I'll think of other things, but these are a few for now which I am willing to share. Thanks for reading my nonsense.

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Sheri said...

!! now that i know you are a fellow blogger, i will keep up on it!! i loved your entries so far. i only read the last 3 but they are great! and i don't think you sound desperate at all. just smart girl!
when i started going to singles ward, i was immediately drawn to you by the way. you always made me feel so good and I was going through such a time........i always wished when i grew into further adulthood...that i could be more like you. anyways...
if you ever wanna check out my nonsense(i journal..of course)
it is

there isn't any www