Monday, 4 February 2008

My Shameless Yoga Plug

Can I tell you? - I Love Yoga!!!!!! It is so good and makes you feel really good overall. Not only is it a good stretch for all of your muscles and for body toning, but you feel so relaxed after, and balanced overall - mentally and physically. Those ancient Indians (from India) knew what they were talking about I tell you. I've just finished another Yoga practice as you can probably tell. Seriously, I think everybody should take it up. And, no it is not a girl exercise. I know a guy who does Yoga and loves it as much as I do. Another bonus for men doing Yoga is that it is predominantly girls doing it and therefore, men - *wink wink, nudge nudge* an excellent way to pick up girls. Seriously, it is amazing how much better you feel after you've done Yoga for a while. I've been doing it fairly regularly now for about a month. (at least 4 times a week, but prefer to do it every day if I can) Before that, I had a once a week class. Now I just practice in my room before I go to sleep with this online Yoga Check it out, it's totally worth the membership if you know what you're doing to begin with. Here ends my shameless plug for Yoga practice.

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