Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine's Day Blood

In honor of this wretched holiday today, I decided to do something productive and helpful. I went to the blood bank to donate my blood. Traditionally, they have always had trouble finding my veins because they are deep and small. I warned the nurse ahead of time. (maybe I shouldn't have?) But, alas, even though they do these things all day, she was unable to obtain blood from my left (non-favored) arm. In the process, she managed to make me bruise pretty profusely, and I now have a giant purple welt there with a nasty bump, which I assume is a giant hematoma below my flesh. It hurts like H&$@. I'm sure it will go away though. So, she got a second nurse to try my right arm - which she had absolutely no trouble at all obtaining blood from with the exception of it being a bit slow, and she managed to get it to go faster as well. So, I will remember that for when I go back in 52 days. (apparently that is how long one must wait in our country to donate blood) So, in order to get to donate, I had to answer a zillion extremely personal questions (which are totally understandable, and I completely agree with the law on this one). It was somewhat fruitless to even ask me as most of them start with - "Have you ever had sex with someone who....", and after a number of these, I just said - you can pretty much answer every question that starts like that with a no. She had to ask anyway. So, I endured. Anyway, it was a really great experience, and halfway through a Barbershop Quartet came (as it is V-day after all) to entertain. I felt pretty good. I think everybody should donate (if they can). At the end, they MADE me eat cookies, and told me I couldn't work out today, so I relented. (a little reluctantly), it's only one day right? So, I'm going back again in April. Anyone want to come with me?

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