Wednesday, 20 February 2008


After my Napstravaganza week-end, I had a pretty fantastic restful sleep last night and am totally feeling rested and revived today. Went to the gym as usual after work, feeling great. I think my body just needed recovery time. (weird, because I never noticed that being a problem in the past with blood donation - 'course it had been 8 years) I'm contemplating signing up for the walk to end Breast Cancer. I don't think I'd have a problem coming up with sponsors for the minimum fund-raising effort of $2000; but the entry fee is $75.00 and I'm kind of impecunious, so that may be a challenge for me. Maybe the next paycheck, we'll see. It's 60 km from one end of the city to the other over 2 days. I totally could do that. I'm a big walker, and I'm in good shape at the moment. So, I think I'm definitely going to do it. Will keep posting as that development progresses. It's the week-end of July 25-27. I'd miss church, but it would be worth it I think. Read a book on the week-end - "The Five Love Languages". Extremely helpful in understanding my relationships better. I won't tell the world what my love language is, I'd rather people found that out themselves by getting to know me better, but it's pretty cool to understand myself and my family members better and how I can improve relationships. Have now moved onto a totally different subject in my reading - "The PCOS Diet Book". Learning what I can and can't eat and what will help overall with my condition. So far, it's really interesting, but pretty much what I expected as far as what to eat is concerned. There's certain things, like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, etc that will help with very specific symptoms of PCOS which I'm definitely going to be incorporating to my diet. Well, that's all I have to blog about today. Random bits, nothing interesting really. Oh, I just thought of something else, heehee, today my co-worker and I were taking our daily walk - just on Stephen Ave to Winners and the Book Store and back. Well, have you ever noticed in a busy crowded street, if you don't move, people will mow you right over? Well, Shawna and I got pretty sick of having to move for the busy people today, and decided to start playing chicken with the pedestrians. One lady actually side stepped between us, but refused to move around us. It was hilarious. So, on the way back, we see a couple of cops coming towards us and I'm all (under my breath) Shawna, lets play chicken with the cops. So, they're coming towards us, and one of them is all - "Becky!" I'm all "oh, I know one of them" Turns out it was the husband of one of my friends I grew up with. Hee hee, Shawna and I were killing ourselves laughing after that. I'm all "hi, how's the wife, how many kids do you guys have now? 4, wow, that's amazing" So much for chicken with the cops.

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