Saturday, 9 February 2008

Used Items Forever!!!!!!!!!!

I think I've given up on buying New items altogether. Especially when there are such great deals out there on used stuff. Today I took my old books into this used book store, and found 2 DVD box sets - series 1 and 2 of this CBC documentary. "Canada: A People's History" They had a lot of other wicked cool stuff there as well, but I decided just to buy this. They had them marked at $25.00 each (which really is a deal), but anyway, with my credit for bringing in my books, I paid $24.68 for both together (which made them $12.34 each). I went through all of my other books today and decided which ones I "need" and which one's I don't, and I'm going back there next week to turn the one's I don't in. I'm pretty excited to see what kind of deal I can get next week. This, coupled with my new found passion for thrift clothing shops has turned me into a "used item" junky. Seriously, how else is one to keep up with their closet with a changing body shape? Best thing to do is go through your closet, figure out which clothes are too big for you now, put them in bags, take them to the thrift store, get your wee coupon to buy "new" used clothes that do fit you. It's really a fantastic system. You get rid of your old clothes (benefitting the psychological aspect of weight loss), and get new ones. It's ingenious. I thought of it myself, but I'm sure others have discovered this. I don't know if I'll ever buy new clothes again to be honest with you. (except underwear and socks that is, umm, and bathing suits) Yeah, it's opened a whole new world for me. Now, with the book thing, I'm not saying that I'll never go back to Chapters or McNally Robinson again, I'm just saying that there are serious deals at some of the used book stores. Seriously, go there. I went to Fair's Fair on McLeod Trail near 75th. So worth it.

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