Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My thoughts on the dating (or lack of) epidemic

So, the other day, I wrote this note on facebook. I had some response about it, not any response for the purpose of which it was written, but mostly from my sisters in the same predicament as me saying - good for you girl - you speak for us all!!!!! So, thought I'd share it with you out there. Men, pay attention, this is what most every mature Mormon woman wants.

Attention World!!!

I am now back on the market and free for dates!!!!(not that anyone except for a small handful of people knew that I was off the market, but it's true I was) Now, these dates are of the variety of which are entirely non-committal and exclusively for the purpose of having fun and getting to know one another. Candidates who are not of my faith may not know that this means also that there will be no sex involved as I am not a believer in pre-marital sex. Having said that, I am open to dating anyone of any faith (or non faith) just as stated previously, to get to know one another and just have fun. Also, for those of you who are of my faith, these dates will not at all be considered as a marriage proposal. For, I truly believe that most Mormons are pretty screwed up on this subject and get the 2 confused. So, if you're sick of spending your Friday nights sitting in front of your computer and yet again playing Oregon Trail or Zombiefying people, or whatever it is you're doing, give me a call (a couple of days in advance please) and say something simple like - "Hey, lets see a movie", or "Hey, lets get some Thai", or something like that, and I'll consult my schedule, and regardless of whether or not I'm free for that particular evening, I will find a spot to fit you into another time slot.Some things I like doing are......Just about anything really, I'm pretty diverse in my interests. I like all kinds of ethnic foods, movies, or anything that sounds creative or fun.So, my number is on my profile, give me a call if you're up for it.


So, that was the note, what did you think? Too forward? Desperate sounding? If it sounds desperate, make note that it is not. Just an attempt to educate the general population of the epidemic of pathetic and sad Friday and Saturday nights out there now devoted to facebooking. I've done my part, I've said my piece. Go to it men!!!!!!! All they need is to be asked; and remember, it's just one date - not eternity.

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Natalie said...

You ROCK! you keep up with the Awesome attitute and you will ¨attract¨what you want
Have you seen the secret?
Im leaving a comment cuz I hate it when people read my blog and dont leave one. LOL