Friday, 28 March 2008

Momma's got a new pair of shoes

Sorry yet again for the delay between posts. I don't think I'm THAT busy, but I seem to be - with who knows what? Anyway, this week, I bought this lovely set of trainers for my new adventures in running. I've never really been a runner before. Mostly due to the fact that the weight I was carrying would have done a huge number on my knees on impact. But, I feel now that I am sufficiently light enough that I can probably give it a try. I've been ellyptical-training for like 2 years, so my cardiovascular health is certainly up to par. Shouldn't be too hard to transition into running. Plus, like I said, I will be taking up mass amounts of biking after conference and after I sell my lovely 2003 Honda Civic - Black, standard transmission. (spread the word) So, yeah, I think I'll have my first running adventure tomorrow morning after my visiting teaching. Should be a good time. I'll let you know. I also plan to make yoghurt, take a trip to Fair's Fair to do some trading. (for cash, don't need new stuff), plan my primary lesson, and do laundrey all at the same time. I just love how everything one has to get done gets packed into one day of the week. (note the sarcasm) On a side note, I did retry making Yoghurt with skim milk, and it worked just fine with the proper appliance, and the proper waiting time for cooling. I think the major factor in my unsuccessful first attempt was that I didn't wait for the milk to cool long enough. I know now because it takes flipping forever to get to the proper temperature as per my thermometer. Adding the starter at the time I did simply murdered whatever culture was in there. So, that is my Yoghurt update, next exciting project is cheese. Just bought a book called "And That's How You Make Cheese" by Shane Sokol. It's apparently the most straightforward reference for home cheese-making available so it sounds just perfect for me. That project may wait a few weeks mind you because I've got a number of things to finish up before I am without a vehicle. I feel like some sort of Dairy-obsessed version of Martha Stewart, but it's really fun. I think there's a certain feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing exactly what is in your food because you put it there. So, from shoes to cheese, that is my most recent update. Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.

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Bultsma Family said...

Oh wow...I am so in for the cheese tasting. We should run together sometime! those look like great shoes...I could probably use some more soon. I have everythin jam packed into a busy day tomorrow as well, mostly the same stuff as you; running, church stuff, laudry etc. etc. Hope you have a great weekend! Nice to see you back bloging!