Thursday, 6 March 2008

Big Changes in the Water Bottle World

After reading much recently about Nalgene plastic (Lexan - #7), and other plastics containing toxins that are carcinogenic and also (slightly more important to me - though it probably should be the other way around) disruptive of the endocrine system; I have decided that after 8 years of carrying around my little 1 litre friend - Nalgene to move on to a safer water bottle. So, yesterday I walked into MEC, looking for a different solution. I found this little number... The Bilt Designs Fresco Water Bottle - for $10. Cheap, stainless steel - safe (for now), and a reasonable size for my needs. So, I bought 2. One for now, and one for later. The only problem is - when you fill it with water it becomes freezing to the touch. So, I went back to MEC today, and bought the Outdoor Research Water Bottle Tote. I'm a made advertisement for MEC. I love MEC. It's a retail paradise for all who love the outdoors. The great thing is (and I only just realized this) it's a mere 10 or 15 minute walk from my place of work. I think I may be spending more lunches there in the future. So, I'm off of Nalgene forever now. My new water bottle may be cheap and not the world's greatest quality, but it does what it's supposed to, and it's reasonably safe for me to drink from. (for now) I went to look at bikes on my way back from MEC today. Stopped into this little bike shop on 11th Ave that has quite a selection and really knowledgable staff. It looks like I'll be spending at least $1000 on the bike alone. That's ok though because it's a great investment, and it's going to be my only transportation besides my 2 legs and public transit. Still really excited about that.

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