Saturday, 29 March 2008

Report on First Attempt at Running

Just got back from my first go at a run. I did 20 minutes and I think that will do sufficiently for my first time. It's a little harder than I thought, but I did ok. I just did the loop around my neighbourhood. My cardio is up to par, but only just. It's funny, but people who run are always saying to me at the gym - "I don't know how you do that ellyptical machine, it's really hard for me" But, I don't think it's that hard, whereas it's the opposite for me and running - it's harder for me to run. Marsha suggested I do 1 minute of running, and 5 of walking at first and build up. I found today that I was able to do a little more than that to begin with, so what I did was just go as far as I could (or until I got a stitch) and then walked until I caught my breath. I'm no good at this timing business. If I had a spiffy running watch like Becka, I could probably manage it, but meh, the shoes are a beginning. Which brings me to my next point. Can't emphasize enough what an excellent investment those shoes were. I felt like I was gliding on air as I ran. Felt virtually no impact at all. You really can't skimp on good running shoes. You pay for what you get - usually. I must have looked interesting as I was running - totally mismatched. It was snowing lightly, so I had to bundle up somewhat. I wore these knit work-out pants that I bought at Wal-Mart (black), and my pink t-shirt. Over which I wore my red hoody and green Glasgow Celtic touque. I think I looked a bit like a Christmas tree actually, but I don't think it really matters what I wear as long as I don't go running in the buff. So, I will continue with my regular routine this week, and then give it another go on Saturday. When I sell my car I think I'll make it more of a routine as I won't be able to make it to the gym as easy without my car. Here ends my first report on adventures in running.

p.s. That's not me in the picture in case you were wondering. 1. I would not be carrying a plastic water bottle (anymore) and 2. I'm not that slender (yet)

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Bultsma Family said...

Well I totally thought it was you! That nice green grass and all...

Good for you! I never did get out yesterday. Boo hoo hoo. No sitter. THAT might prove to be a problem if I don't make good use of my time.

We'll start walking together on our off days when the weather gets nicer. :) PS. I got my watch for like $30 on ebay. They're about $125 at the mall.

Keep up the gret work!