Sunday, 16 March 2008

Another Local Discovery

Had a lunch date today with one of my best friends, and we went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant - which I discovered is next to this GREAT Health Food Store called Community Natural Foods. I've heard people talk about it before, but never really gave it a thought. Apparently they've been a Calgary business since 1977. Daniel and I decided to venture in today and I discovered a whole other world of Organic, fair trade, non gmo products. The book I've been reading about PCOS and diet tells me I ought to eat more natural foods as much as I possibly can. So, that description fits my needs at Community Natural Foods. Today I picked up organic apples, avocado, even better Yoghurt starter with 5 probiotics instead of 3, almond butter, home-made Tabhouli, and home-made soap. I could have bought more stuff, but all of that adds up pretty fast. They have 2 locations, one at Chinook Station (which is the one we hit today), and another not too far away from my work at 10th and 10th. So, yet another destination for my lunch-time walks. Pretty exciting!!! On a side note, I LOVE pickled asparagus, but think I ought to ease up a bit, because the salt is really starting to make me feel a bit thicker even if I'm not. I've eaten almost 2 whole jars since I last posted about them which was Wednesday. I think I'll give them a rest for a little while.

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