Friday, 21 March 2008

Paninis and House Cleaning Items

I tried the Chicken Club one first and it's really good - it has bacon!!!!!

Then I had the Chicken, Spinach and Mushrooms one - just as good and filling too!

Today I ate the Chicken Tuscany Panini, fabulous and almost pizzaish. I know, I'm a living, breathing advertisement. No, I am not being paid, but I should be.

At work, I'm now famous for introducing the Lean Cuisine Paninis. For this new found fame, I must thank my friend Becka who first discovered them. I work with a lot of Dietitians, and they're all raving about them. (well, like the 2 that tried them), but they are stirring up a lot of interest anyway. I'm a huge fan. The only downside is the sodium content in these puppies. But, if that's the only thing one is eating that has a large amount of sodium in it, then you're on easy street. It's only about 35% of your daily sodium intake anyway. I never add salt to anything. So, yeah, I'm famous now. I'm the panini girl. I haven't blogged a lot this week - I'm sorry for anyone who reads my blogs regularly (not that I think I'm that popular or anything, but I check people's blogs regularly, and figure I must have 1 or 2 fans) Work has been a bit on the stressful side what with new schedule rotations and a rush to put templates into the schedule, etc, plus everybody wants a vacation for some reason. On top of this there is still all of those Diabetics who need some Education to book. But, you know, I like that kind of busy. It makes me feel useful to some degree. Tomorrow I have off (for which I am very grateful), but it is filled with all kinds of errands (or rather house cleaning items). I'm going to clean out my closet again, and take a trip to Value Village, make Yoghurt, go through all my videos and books and decide what I don't need in order to make life simpler (you know, in case I have to take up and leave or something - you never know) I've already bequeathed my James Bond collection to my buddy Mike. He and his lovely wife Katie will be watching bond all week-end now with our other friends Linda and Ryan. (Happy Easter friends!!!!!) I also have a plan to use some of my creative talents and decorate a mug (just because I need my own at work) with my name on it and everything. I'm just about to finish up this FANTASTIC book I'm reading - which I will review on here in the next couple of days. It really is awesome, and many of you have probably already heard the story though it's new to me. Not going to give it away, but keeping you in suspense until the next blog. I think that about covers my thoughts for the day and week.

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