Saturday, 1 March 2008

Yoghurt trials - # 1

Well, as I thought would probably happen, the first batch of Yoghurt did not turn out as well as I had hoped. The instructions on the package are as follows...

1. Heat one litre or quart of milk to 82 degrees Celsius (180 degrees Farenheit) or bring to boiling point. Then let cool down to 42-44 degrees Celsius (108-112 degrees Farenheit)

2. Dissolve 5 g of starter with a small quantity of lukewarm milk in a cup, then pour back into the litre or quart of milk. Mix well.

3. Incubate 4 to 4.5 hours, or until yoghurt has reached the desired firmness. May be used with any make of appliance, according to instructions. For best results, use a Yogourmet yogurt maker.

4. Refrigerate to stop incubation.

This is what I did...

Well, I don't have a Yoghurt maker, or a thermometer for that matter, so I was pretty much guessing at temperatures, and also creating my own incubator environment for the bacteria. It turned out pretty much like sweet milk with some bacteria in it. I think in order to salvage what I did come up with, I may just throw some gelatin in there (I know, it's cheating) and use it anyway. I may have killed the bacteria in the process of not knowing what actual temps are, but whatever right? Anyway, I have a feeling that the reason it didn't set is - well, for several reasons... Perhaps it requires some fat in the milk (I used skim), so maybe I'll try 1 or 2% next time. Also, as I said, I had no real idea what the temp of things were, so just guessed. I could have dissolved the starter a little better and mixed it a lot more as well. I've decided that instead of incubating it in a double level pot on the stove as I was doing, to give the old crock-pot a try. Who knows, it may work out just perfect. Oh, and I added splenda at the beginning when I was boiling the milk. Perhaps that had some effect on things. So, in conclusion, this is what I'm going to do next time... I will boil the milk (1%) with no splenda in it, let it cool, use the candy thermometer I bought today to know the right temp, add the bacteria starter, let it incubate in the crock-pot for 4.5 hours, then will see what I come up with. It's worth a second try right? Perhaps I'll wait a couple of days to try it again. I'm going to see today if I can salvage my first batch and use that up first.

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