Thursday, 13 March 2008

Yoghurt trials - # 2 - SUCCESSFUL!!!!!

Ok, so here's the update on the Yoghurt making. I got my Yoghurt maker/incubator that I ordered on ebay in the mail on Monday. So, couldn't really wait to try it out, and gave it a whirl last night. Here's what I did...

I boiled 2 Litres (a whole carton) of 2% milk (decided skim might not have worked as well) making sure it got up to at least 82 degrees celsius. (see thermometer on the edge of the pot) Incidentally, the pepsi on the side of this picture is not mine but my brother's.

Then, I let it cool to 45ish degrees Celsius before adding in the bacterial starter. Making sure that the starter was well mixed in to a small amount before adding it to the rest of the milk, I mixed the milk and starter thoroughly.

Then, I poured it into the 5 glass cups in the pre-heated incubator (warm and ready to incubate), filling each close to the top, and putting on the lids. Then, I placed the plastic lid overtop of the incubator, and let the Yoghurt incubate for 4 and a half hours ('til 1am, I think I'm doing this on a Saturday next time) In which time, I did an hour of Yoga, and took a shower (there was no way I would have time this morning - being a zombie and all), also managed to get some scripture study in there as well as a fair bit of facebook surfing.

Then, voila!!!!!!! After 4 hours, this is what it looked like - thick and creamy.

At this point, I was a zombie (1am), I put the Yoghurt in the fridge to stop the incubation process and let the bacteria go into dormancy until the party in my stomach wakes them up again. In the morning, I ground up some lovely frozen berries, put them into my Yoghurt with a wee bit of splenda (sucralose - not as bad as aspartame - really), and this is what it looked like.

And this is what it tasted like.....

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fresh, creamy, lovely and best of all - cheap!!!!
On a side note, not related to Yoghurt at all, I picked these babies up at my friend's family meat shop today - not meat I know, but they have lots of good stuff besides meat there...

Pickled Asparagus - highly addictive and really tasty. I think I may be in love with them. There are no preservatives at all in this particular jar, and they are made locally (well - in Alberta anyway). Soooooo tasty. A bit decadent mind you, and it was $12.99 a jar, but worth it for a wee evening snack. You can find them and other fine quality foods at my friend's store - Second To None Meats on 4th Street. Canning may be next on my list for projects at this rate. I'll get Fidela to teach me how.

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Bultsma Family said...

BECK! You look so great in that picture...your face is getting SO SKINNY!

I seriously want to try your yogurt thing..I'll try it with skim and bring some over for you to try. Nice work. Any luck on the panini front?