Sunday, 2 March 2008

Ebay Excitement!!!!

Sorry, just had to share my exciting news with everyone. I was asking my friend advice about Yoghurt making - as he's had previous experience with this, and he said a crock pot would probably be too hot. He recommended putting it in a container on top of my hot-water tank. Well, I went to check out the hot-water tank, and it's cool to the touch. Darned new homes with their "safe" hot water tanks. Anyway, he also recommended that I go to either Value Village or look on ebay for an actual Yoghurt maker appliance. Tonight, just had a minute (or two) and decide to check out ebay. Well there was one Yoghurt maker which the auction was about to run out on and it looked to be in perfect condition. (see picture) So, I bid on it, and WON!!!!!!! So exciting. The lady I bought it from says she'll ship it out on Monday. So hopefully some time next week, I'll be making Yoghurt the proper way. Normal life will carry on until then. ;-) Then, I will update you about Yoghurt Trial # 2. Heehee

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