Wednesday, 22 October 2008

What Is Life - But To Enjoy?

I have decided...

Not to believe any negative self talk anymore. I also don't believe in guilt, or anxiety, or depression. What is there to feel guilty for? Why should I feel anxious or depressed or angry? What's the purpose of that? I suppose what it is, is that I've been fed guilt ALL of my life - bless them - they didn't know how it would harm me, as it harmed them, and anybody else who's been fed that nonsense. God says - "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy" Women are that they might have joy as well. We are here in this life to enjoy it. It's not just a nice idea, but a commandment. It's been a commandment for me lately - in my personal prayer and dealings with God. It's a principle we can apply in every aspect of life...

With food for instance; when one is overweight (take it from me, I know) they don't enjoy their food. They eat it quickly, and lots of it, but they really don't taste it or enjoy it or take the time to enjoy it. It's just something they feel compelled to do, so they do it. When one takes the time to enjoy their food, taste it, make it an enjoyable and pleasant experience, they are more likely to eat less because they have taken the time to enjoy it. They are also more likely to have joy in food. We can apply that principle to every aspect of life. Take the time to enjoy it, and it will be well worth the effort. Or rather - the non-effort. Well, not that effort is unpleasant either. I mean - there's joy in a job well done, for sure. But, if you're not enjoying it, then it's really not worth it, is it? This is my new motto in life - If you're not enjoying it, it's not worth it. Yep, that's it - definitely my new motto.

You'll notice my post today is quite opposite to last week's postings. Well the reason for this is, I knew where to turn to, and I found the light I needed. I get it - loud and clear. Enjoy life, and don't feed yourself anymore of that crap you've been fed all your life. In fact, stop saying things like crap, and try really hard to use positive words.

It will be hard, but I'll try. :-)

Thanks Bunny and Marsha. I'll miss you.


Angelique said...

OK, you've basically summed up what I've been trying to learn my whole life!! Not until recently have I been able to do what you've now just done. It's so hard to go through life, trying to please everyone and to be controlled by guilt! It's a hard road to start going down, trust me, but it's so worth it. Scary, yes, but so worth it!!! My motto in life right now is: Do what make you happy!
Like I've told you before, I'm so very proud and happy for you, for all you've accomplished in this last year or so. You've inspired me, to focus on ME! Focus on MY family and to make ME happy!
Thanks Becks, I'll miss you so much and will love your friendship forever!

Anonymous said...

Depression isn't a choice for some people. I think the word is too overused for people feeling sorry for themselves when in actuality it is a state of mental health that is due to chemicals in the brain. This isn't something that can just be changed from positive thinking. I should know.

That being said, I am pleased you have found a good place to reside. We all need to feel pleased with ourselves and it sounds like you are doing well.

Becky said...

Agreed whole-heartedly anonymous friend. I've been there myself. We do have somewhere to turn for help though. :-)

B said...

The first line of this post sums it all up girl. Just the fact that you have chosen to "Not to believe any negative self talk anymore" is awesome.

Isn't it terrible that we are our own worst critics? Our negative self talking can get us in places we don't want to be EVER. I think we are ALL guilty of doing this, and most likely more than once in our lives. It is inspiring to hear people make the choice to not listen to it anymore and get rid of it from their lives. Not that it is an easy task. I think I need to follow suit!

Stephen Cree said...

So right, Cuz! Everything has a positive. I don't regret a thing in my life because that has brought me to where I am. I've learned from my screw-ups which is positive in itself. Life is fab! There are gazillions of positives if we open our eyes to them and there are gazillions of negatives if we open our eyes to them. What we choose to focus on is our choice. I choose to see positives too. Brill writing, Becky.