Saturday, 11 October 2008

This Tuesday the 14th...

Time again, to stand up and be counted as a Canadian Citizen and cast my vote for the candidate I think most suitable to be my MP. It turns out that one of my candidates for MP is also the Prime Minister, so my vote may be an all encompassing one if I so decided to swing my vote in the Conservative Direction. However, I'm not going to talk about what I believe is the best way to vote in this blog, because I believe everybody ought to vote according to their conscience, and I'd rather stay neutral when discussing such an important issue as voting. The problem in this country is that we really don't express our opinion nearly enough. The latest Provincial Election was nothing but heart breaking, as it didn't reflect what Albertans really wanted in my opinion. That's just me - I'm still miserable with the way the Provincial government runs things, heck it's one of the reasons I'm leaving. However, the point I'm trying to make is - that 41% of the voters came out for that one. Pathetic amount of votes. Not even half of the population of Alberta cared enough to cast their ballot. There seems to be a nation wide problem of the same nature. Canadians are feeling somewhat lost in the middle somewhere, the polls swing back and forth, and we've had a minority government for the last 4 years because we really don't know what we want, or perhaps what we want isn't clearly being reflected in the results because not enough of us turn up to do our part. I always vote. Do you know why I always vote? Because if I don't vote, I can't complain, and if I don't vote, I should have no voice in how my country is run because I forfeit my opportunity to do so. I've seen an ad on the train all this week that says... "Just Vote Dammit". I concur whole heartedly. If you're not sure, or if none of the candidates really say anything you agree with, then just choose the one you can tolerate. Seriously, just vote!!! If you don't know where you are to vote or when, then you can find that information here...

VOTE ON THIS TUESDAY OCTOBER THE 14TH!!! There really is no excuse, I mean - you are legally entitled to time off work to vote. You can leave work early to vote, and if your boss fires you, he/she will be liable. There are advance polls even, I know of 2 friends who have already voted. Seriously - what is keeping you from voting?

There really is no excuse. Also - Canadians - I'm sorry, I am going to express my opinion on this one topic but - the stupid American election campaigning may be really interesting to watch, but - we don't live in the United States. (Thank goodness - no offense American friends) We live in Canada, and how you vote in Canada affects you; not what you watch on CNN or freaking Fox news. We live in Canada. If you love being a Canadian, then you better make being a Canadian count. Vote in your country for your candidates, and forget Barack Obama and Sarah Palin for one day at least please. I really am sick to death of hearing about them.

Right, I've said my piece, but seriously - just vote dammit.

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