Sunday, 19 October 2008

On The Lighter Side...

My posts have been very intense lately. I'm not usually such an intense person. It's just lately - you know - changes, and life, and challenges along the way, not making it easy for me, etc. That happens anytime you're about to do something important. Have you noticed? Well, anyway, the plan to move is very much a go, and I'm not looking back. So, enough with it already. Gosh!!! Here's a lovely video I took last week-end at family Thanksgiving dinner. It's my sweet nephew and his best friend - the doggy. His best friend cost a mere $6 at Ikea his Mummy tells me. It's his bestest friend in the universe. Wouldn't it be nice if relationships were that kind of simple sometimes? He sings a little song to his best friend - it goes *doggy, doggy, doggy*. Haha. He's so stinking cute. Yes, alright, I'm feeling slightly maternal lately. Enjoy the video. I do - every time I see it.

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