Friday, 17 October 2008


100th post!!!

Lots to say. Well, I guess - I will repent and say - yes - non-shallow men exist. Non-shallow women exist too. Johnny Lingo exists. My best friend's Dad is definitely Johnny Lingo. (Dangit he's already married) Ok, prime example. A few people have pointed out to me recently (since reading my tirades) a fair number of examples of men who date 250 lb (at least) women AND yes they would be heartbroken if they were dumped by them. So, yes I've seen it, with my own eyes. It's just so rare, that one gets jaded. Plus, with it being so in my face everyday...

Never, ever before had I been noticed by men. Never. Since losing 110 pounds, the difference in attention received has been like night and day. I don't mean to toot my own horn, I suppose I should I worked for it; however, it still and probably always will annoy me considering the only thing I changed was my appearance and level of health. What I noticed today as well, is that it is human nature (even among obese people) to overlook people who are obese. Perhaps it's to do with the media. It can't be more in our face everyday than it is now - this obsession with appearance. People are obsessed with appearance, and young girls are currently on the starving fad because of stupid freaking Paris Hilton, and the like. Why would anyone want to be like her - or her ridiculous friends/enemies? Why is it so easy to fall into that trap? They start us young - they train us to hate ourselves, and think we need this and that to make ourselves more beautiful. It's all advertising. Sex sells. People generally find people who look more healthy in appearance to be sexier. (I don't know how they can possibly think those waifs are healthy) Alright, that's human nature. I suppose I can't deny that.

It's so important though, to realize that everybody on this planet is so much more than what they look like. What's in the human spirit is divinity itself. We are made in the image of God. Does anyone know what that means? It means that we are so much better than we see ourselves. Why do we put ourselves down so much? Why do we put so much stock in what the media tells us is beautiful or worthwile? Why not listen to a much more reliable source? Besides the whole divinity factor, there is so much more attraction in a person's personality (at least for me - I don't know about anyone else) anyway. If I meet someone who (after taking the time to get to know them) is shallow, or ignorant, or selfish I am far less likely to spend any more time getting to know them - however much divinity they might have in them deep down inside. I am more likely to fall for someone sincere, and kind, and smart than some stupid schmoe who makes more money and therefore thinks he's all that. I see these people all the time - I live in Calgary for goodness sake. I see a suit, it's another suit to me. No big deal.

I guess my point is - people are all just people. Though, each one is special in their own way; whether or not they choose to develop that special divinity inside is up to them. Shallowness doesn't take you very far. What you see, doesn't last forever. People get old, they get fat, they get skinny, they go bald, they develop cellulite and stretch marks, everybody is flawed physically. Every single person on the planet (unless they're perpetually preserved in formaldehyde or something) is flawed physically. Who friggin' cares? I want to go deeper and get past all that and get to know what makes them special. Some are with me - it seems. Lets go and convert the other 95% of the population.

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