Sunday, 23 November 2008

Try It, You'll Like It / Party Re-cap

I have just discovered - in "Urban Peasant" fashion - that Nairn's Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits (while excellent just on their own) are even better when you put a slice of provolone on top. Mmmm, so good. This came about experimentally today after thinking of a time when Bunny told me to try some cheddar on a Digestive Biscuit. Also good, though - this was a touch more Becky style - as full of flavor in both the cheese and biscuit department, and the result - a party in my mouth. Ah, James Barber would be proud.

Anyway - had an excellent tea party yesterday at my good friend Angelique's house. It was a "going away tea". We posted it on facebook, I invited my 600 friends (much to Angeliques shock and horror) - haha. About 17 people confirmed they would definitely come, and about 10 people - including myself, Angelique and Rick (the hosts) and my parents showed up. (most of whom had not confirmed) That turned out about how I thought. Nobody ever follows through with their commitment to show up for these things. However - it turned out fantastic!!! Some of my MOST favorite people on the planet turned up - including Dale - who stayed all day - I'm honored to say. One HUGE surprise was my friend from High School - Jakub showed up. I haven't seen him in 15 years!!! It was so great to see him. Also a collection of some of my most favorite peeps. Thanks so much for showing up and seeing me off my friends. I had 6 cups of tea whilst sitting there - all different kinds, and Angelique made a lovely assortment of cookies - had my first Christmas Shortbread yesterday. Sorry to say - friends - I don't have any time for 1:1 goodbyes, so - you'll have to visit me in Scotland if you want to see me again. That's great though - come and visit - it will be fun. Yeah - so things are coming along, and I'm getting more and more excited about the move. I guess I should look into getting some furniture. I may have a line on a bed - waiting to hear back from my friend on that one. I guess though - it will take me a little while to get all the little knick knacks sorted that makes up a home. As of today - there's 16 sleeps. I really need to get on with some of my projects that I've been holding on to. Can't do them after the move. Today - I will be scanning pictures - and later - doing a little Yoga. (Must try to burn off yesterday's calories) I also went to Kaly and Andy's Crepe party last night, and had an excellent girly gab session with Kaly, Birdie and Candia. Good times. Kaly's having a baby - so we were talking about that and all it entails; all that I have to look forward to - some day. Gosh - some things - I'm really going to miss, but it will be all worth it as I move forward and make new memories. It's time to do so.

15 YEARS!!!! Reunited. Thanks for the surprise visit Jakub.

Me and Valena - I'll miss you - but you need to come and visit.

Me and my Brother from another Mother - Logan - who is going to visit and celebrate Hogmanay next year.

The host and hostess of the tea party - Angelique and Rick - I'll miss you lots my friends - thanks again for the great send-off.

Some of the best girls ever - Kaly, Birdie, Me and Candia.


Paper Propaganda said...

It looks like you had sooo much fun!!!! I hate when people don't follow through on their commitments by the way, it actually irritates me to no end... grr! anyway, i love provolone too... :)

that was just a random assortment of words... my brain is on low functioning ability today!

kaly said...

I love your blog Becky, and now it's on my Bookmarks toolbar to go to whenever I need a Becky fix!

Thanks for coming yesterday - it was really fun! I haven't had a real girl gab session in a long time!

You will be missed, but I am so glad you are following your heart and your dreams to do the things you want to do! It's so exciting! I will be living my travel life vicariously through you!
love you!

Anonymous said...

It was our pleasure to have a farewell party for you. Rick enjoyed catching up with your mom and dad. Always great to see them.

We will be following your adventures in Scotland through your blog and Facebook. You will be miss greatly.

We promise to visit you. Myself for sure to attend the Deathly Hallows premiere :)

Love you xox