Monday, 17 November 2008

My Kidlets...

Here's some classic moments from family dinners...

Mostly videos involving either my niece Chloe or her brother - my nephew Beckham. Chloe's a bit sad that I'm leaving, so she's been extra clingy lately, but she's highly entertaining. The pink hair ones were taken today.

It's true - he is pretty weird. (my brother - bless him)

I love that bit where he thinks he's hilarious because he escaped Chloe's grasp. Haha.

Beckham can make even a napkin entertaining. I don't know why, but this kills me.

Christmas came a little early because - you know - I'm leaving. I gave Chloe my coin collection from all over the world. She loves it.

A fashionista at the age of 6. Already streaking her hair!!! I love that she's wearing a Curious George band-aid.

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Paper Propaganda said...

thanks for sharing the family moments!!