Saturday, 8 November 2008

Who Do They Think They Are????

Imagine my shock when I walked out of the building at work today and read the newspaper heading that said.....

"City hall plans to raise your property taxes 25% - Tax hike compounded over three years 9.6% in 2009, 6.8% in 2010, 6.9% in 2011... and that doesn't even include hikes to user fees and utilities."

That was on the Calgary Sun, the Herald said this...

"City Budget: Plan Draws Firestorm of Criticism - 23% - Property Tax Bills May Rise $262 by 2011."

I think the Sun caught my attention more - which is surprising because I usually prefer the Herald.


How the HOCKEY STICK are my pensioner parents going to bloody afford that?!?! They're barely keeping their heads above water as it is!!!

I just think it's ridiculous how the rich get richer in this city and the poor get poorer. There's no middle-class anymore. However, I'm thinking that nobody - rich or poor is very happy about the budget proposal. Where does all that money go to? Beautifying no doubt. Stupid fancy foot-bridges as Karlo put it. Does Mr. Bronconnier realize that he's using PEOPLE'S money for his stupid projects? Obviously they need to re-assess some of those useless projects. Who's going to be able to afford those fancy condos downtown soon anyway? We're on the brink of recession, and I'm thinking even a depression. Who the (fine I'm going to say it) HELL do they think they are? I'm leaving this city - for reasons like this and others, however my parents and family remain behind. I have grave concerns about this budget proposal. I'm writing Bronco himself. I'm Outraged to say the least!!

I think it's time to have a "sell your house and move to a smaller cheaper community" talk with my parents and siblings. Perhaps they could move to Ogema, Saskatchewan...

This is the letter I sent to the Mayor's office. Perhaps it's a bit umm harsh. Granted, I wrote it in anger. I cc'd Diane Colley-Urquhart.

Dear Mayor Bronconnier/Alderman Colley-Urquhart,

I am not a home-owner in Calgary, but have been a citizen of this city my entire life, and my pensioner parents own a home here in the Southwest part of the city.

There is NO WAY they will be able to afford a tax hike of 25% over the proposed 3 year period as you have indicated in your city budget. I doubt ANYONE in this city will be able to afford something that ludicrous soon enough.

Clearly we are on the brink of recession, and who knows what else - worldwide. What makes you think anybody can afford a tax hike of that magnitude? Have you lost your mind Mr. Bronconnier? Evidently, you need mental health counselling.

Mrs. Colley-Urquhart, you know my position. I voted for you, now do your worst. (or rather your best), I know you have it in you. Do not fail me - nor my pensioner parents, nor anyone in this Ward. Oppose the new budget please!!! Oh, and Dave - I didn't vote for you. I didn't vote for that freaky Kassam either, but I didn't vote for you.



*UPDATE* Wow!!! Not 5 minutes later, and Mrs. Colley Urquhart responded. Look what she said...

Hi xx. I understand. And, I agree with u. I have elderly parents. And, I know how hard it is for them to make ends meet. Diane.

Thank you for contacting us. We regularly correspond with citizens to seek input and to keep you informed on a variety of issues on a timely basis. Let us know if you do not wish to be contacted.

That is REALLY impressive. I love that woman. I knew I voted for her for a reason. She gets things done.

You go girl!!!

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Barry said...

I'm fairly political and have known my various city councillors well; but have never known one to respond so rapidly.

Yours is a keeper!