Friday, 14 November 2008

A Wee Place To Call My Own

I now have a place to live when I arrive in my new country. THANKS SO MUCH TO STEVE!!!! for about the 50th time for checking out places for me to live. It helps A LOT to have a very good friend on the other end doing things I can't do myself. I appreciate it so much that you took time out of your busy schedule to check out a few places for me. Seriously, you have no idea how much you have lifted a weight off my shoulders. Little by little, bit by bit - I've experienced this whole weight-lifting off of shoulders over one issue or another. I'm starting to feel better and better about the entire move. I know there's still 10 zillion things I need to do before feeling really settled. Funny how my fortune cookie predicted that the other night... "You will make many changes before settling satisfactorily" (or something like that) doodoodoodoo. ;-) Anyway, yeah - the flat (according to Steve - and Steve is usually right) is amazing. It's in an old tenement building on Clepington Road (pics of Clepington that I found on the internet to follow) which has been renovated and refurbished, and has all modern fixtures, double paned windows, one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen (my very own kitchen), washer/dryer - that's all I need. However, it has more than I need, it also has a great view from the front of the Tay; AND a view of the Sidlaws from the rear window. I'm so excited. My own little flat and home of my own. Hmm, now all I need is a job. Well, I'm working on that, but unfortunately employers don't really want to talk to you about a position until you are right there - in front of them. So, that part, I'll have to take on faith. I know things will work out because I'm doing the right thing, and things have worked out - fairly ok so far. So - yeah - a flat of my own - to call my home. Steve is sending pictures soon, but until then, I have some street pics that I pulled off the internet like I said...

Actually this is one I took myself - 2 years ago of the Tay from the Law - a Giant Hill in the middle of the city.

This is the pic I took of the Sidlaws from the Law on the same trip.

Typical tenements on Clepington Road.

A couple of elderly gents heading to "The Clep" for a pint.

A couple of shops on Clepington Road

No Scottish neighborhood is complete without one of these. Haha.

Nice view down Provost Road - which intersects? I think...

Anyway, there are some pics and that should give you some sort of idea of how it will be. Don't worry, in 26 sleeps when I leave (28 to when I actually arrive in Dundee), I shall give you most of the details.

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Barry said...

Moving to Scotland?

I envy you.

I've visited many times and have stayed for up to a month. My wife and I both have grandparents who came from Scotland.

And you only have 25 days to go!