Monday, 1 December 2008

Swiss Chalet Festive Special - Better Than I Remember / Wii Mayhem!!!!!!!!

For some reason my life has become extremely busy with social engagements. (everybody wants a piece of me) - this is due to the ever approaching departure in 9 days!!! Anyway, this week-end was no exception. Have a few more of these engagements before I leave, but this week-end, my parents and I hit the old Swiss Chalet (classic), and had the Festive Special. Who doesn't love the Festive Special? You know what I discovered? It's a lot better than it used to be. I mean, the stuffing is still cardboard (tasty as it is), but the dinner is really quite tasty. Fresh, tasty chicken. (I can eat it as long as I don't know where it was raised - just kidding) Anyway, it was good, and a family tradition that has carried on through the years, so definitely necessary for me to do one more time before the big jump across the pond. Here's mine, I had the Greek Salad on the side - mmm feta.

Mum and Dad enjoyed their dinners immensely. Look at those happy faces...

And, you get a village of Lindor Chocolates afterwards - what a deal!!!

After the Swiss Chalet engagement with my parents, I went over to Steph and Carrie's with Geneva (aka Sisi, Coco and Gigi - yes we are very very silly - I'm Bibi) They introduced me to the Wii!!!!!!!! Who knew the Wii was going to be so much fun? Well, I mean I probably had some inkling that it would be - however, last night was my first time. So, we did some Rock Band, and also this really fun game called Outdoor Games (or something like that) I have a feeling that there will be a video surfacing on facebook one of these days soon that has a portion of it with me jumping up and down like a crazy person. Ah well, all in good fun. I've discovered that I'm not really that co-ordinated, however with practice, I could become better, which is why - one day, once I'm settled in very nicely in my little flat, I shall have to purchase one of these Wii's, or perhaps the ever popular and constantly talked about Wii-fit. I think it would definitely be worth purchasing. Here's a few shots the girls and I took after we had done our wii-ing. I mean, it was my last outing with them - until they come out to Scotland to Wii with me, so had to get some crazy good shots. Here's a few of us posing in mad rock and roll fashion...

That's right, just call me Eddie.

I love the Lion Tamer Poses.

Haha, oh my sides. Honestly, all of us hurt today from our constant laughter last night. My thighs hurt too, which means that Wii works wonders!!! (love the alliteration) Anyway, good times to be had. Have a few more gatherings and outings before the departure. Also - fifty other things to do, however, one at a time.

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