Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Even I Am Moved

Alright, ok, alright already....

You know how I hate to get involved or even discuss American politics? Well dang it all - tonight it's kind of impossible. It is impossible to not get caught up in and get excited about history being made. I mean - lots of people dreamed this day would come, lots of people hoped this day would come, but did they actually believe it? Here it is - the most racist country on the planet (and no that's not up for debate) just elected a Black President. I have to say - it's hard to not be excited about that. I had a moment where the tears actually did come out of my eyes. Yes - Mr. Obama - you have even moved this dyed-in-the-wool Canadian who dislikes your country. I'm not saying I dislike Americans - I have many good friends who are Americans - and I love every one of them. Clearly, I have no friends who are racists - otherwise they would not be my friends - duh. It's just the idea of America - their audacity, their "centre of the universe" mentality, their "blow everything up" mentality. Honestly, there isn't a country in the world where they are really well liked. I'm making generalizations, and there are OBVIOUSLY exceptions to the rule - overall though - it's a given. However, perhaps - maybe...

this man - could he change my viewpoint? I mean - he is a man who can move a country that has been divided for a very long time to come together and decide (from all corners of the country - in a landslide victory) that they want one man to lead them. Not just any man...

...A Black Man. (and on top of that - a Kenyan name - a son of an immigrant) 100 years ago, that was unthinkable. Heck, 40 years ago, that was unthinkable. Perhaps 30 years ago - it was a little imaginable. I remember when I was reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X, and the bit where Malcolm was the head of his class - clearly also the smartest kid in the school. He went to his teacher, and he said - you know - I think - maybe I want to be a lawyer. His teacher told him, that was a nice idea, but - for a colored boy? Hmm, maybe you should try being a plumber, or any one of the trades... You know - that was common thinking back then, and in some parts - it still has been recently - but today?!?!?! A black man has proven that he can be whatever he wants. He has proven that he can be (I hate that I'm admitting this - haha) the most powerful man in the world.

So for Mr. Obama to unify the people of the United States to elect him as their leader is really pretty impressive. It honestly (whether I like it or not) does affect the entire world, and to be honest, I'm glad they chose him. Though, in all fairness, Mr. McCain gave a very humble and gracious concession speech. He's the real deal, and a true gentleman. You have to admit that. Anyway, as I said - I hate to get mixed up in this American business, and for months and months I've been complaining that I'm sick to death of hearing about their election. (we seriously have the right idea of quick campaigns) Though, as I said - I am amazed, and in awe of the history that has been made here today.

After I heard his acceptance speech, I texted my best friend - who is black. I said - "Are You Amazed? I'm Amazed". She wrote back - "Me too but this is historic. The lord must have had a hand in it. We may not have anything 2 brag about in Canada when he's done repairing." (meaning their economy) I figure - if anyone can repair them - he can.

The best of luck to you Mr. Obama.

p.s. - PLEASE get really good security - for all our sakes.

Dangit, he's distracted me from Yoga, and now it's way past my bed time. Yoga tomorrow.

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