Friday, 9 May 2008

Transit, Pickled Asparagus, and my Last Car Plug?

So a couple of days ago, I was running out of gas in my car, and decided to gas up. In faith that I will sell my car soon, I had a feeling that $10 would do for my car between now and the time I sell my car. Today, I have almost run out of gas again. So, in honor of the faith I have that I will sell my car soon, I have decided that starting tomorrow - I will take city transit to and from work. Yes, I know - this is very ambitious, but one has to start somewhere. As you know, the plan is... Sell the car, buy a bike, bike to work as much as I can. Take transit on super rainy days, and days I can't move. So, in order to set the plan in motion, I am taking matters into my own hands. This also means that I won't be using the Rockyview Hospital gym anymore because it was super convenient for me to just stop by there on my way home from work in the car. This is partially a good thing, because there will be no more creepy residents staring at me while I work out. Stupid residents sometimes think they are God's gift to women. Today, I started running again. I've done this a few times since I bought the new shoes, but now, it will be regular - regular as in, 5 times a week. Perhaps I will do it on my lunch breaks. Plenty of nice places to run around work. I bought a jar of Pickled Asparagus today as a treat. Yes, it is all gone now. It was gone in a matter of 15 minutes. I really do wonder if it is possible to marry a food item, because I love pickled asparagus soooooo much. But, I do know that later the salt content therein will certainly do a number on me, and I will dry up like a prune. Ah well - drinking plenty of water will remedy that.

Still looking for a bike, and still selling my car, let me know if you want a fantastic 2003 Honda Civic Sedan for $10,000 obo. Yes, that's right - only $10,000 obo and this lovely vehicle could be yours! Seriously, it has to go next week. I'm not going to renew my registration, so it really MUST GO. (Registration expires end of the month)

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