Saturday, 10 May 2008

Just a Regular Day, But With Transit...

City transit wasn't so bad. The trip TO work was fabulous. I read my book, and didn't look up the entire time, and was there in (well probably) less time than I would have had I drived. Trains are like that. The trip HOME was interesting. They seem to have taken out one of the platforms. (the one I need to get on to go home) so either platform on either side of where that one belongs is quite a trek. Meh, more exercise. So be it. The car is parked now. Permanently, until it sells. Tomorrow, I am going to see some bikes. Found this one on Wrote a message to the owner. Haven't heard back yet, hoping to before tomorrow, and that way, I can go see it. Just waiting for my best friend to arrive at the house with kids in tow so that we can have a visit. Haven't seen her since Christmas, so it will be nice. No news other than that, except that I'm waiting for all of the salt that I imbibed yesterday to get flushed out. I've been drinking an awful lot of water, it should be gone soon, shouldn't it? Tomorrow I'm probably going to go to Natalie's Charitable Singles Auction for Diabetes. Should be a good time.

*UPDATE* Going to see the bike tomorrow. Also, going to see this one. Wish me luck. It could be between these 2. I left email messages with both owners, and both of them called me back tonight. So exciting!!!

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