Friday, 16 May 2008

I Love My New Bike Seat!!!!!!

So, I bought a much more gelly seat for my bike at MEC on Tuesday. My behind is not a fan of the "comfortable" seat that the previous owners of my bike had on it. I bought the "Selle Royal Freeway Gel Saddle" and let me tell you, I highly recommend it for anyone who is going to be riding their bike for long distances. I barely feel any discomfort today after another 40 km ride (20 km each way), and I think the discomfort I do feel is leftover from Monday. So, there you have it - Selle Royal - Interpretation - "Majestic Saddle" (or it could be "Royal Saddle" though I think Majestic is more interesting) I think, realistically - I could build up to doing this 3 times a week. I don't think 5 days is a really good idea. I could develop MASSIVE thighs, and then where would I be? Worn out and manly - that's where. That would most definitely defeat the purpose of my biking adventure goals. Next week, I'll do it twice again (nice short 4-day week next week), and then the week after that, I'll do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - the off days from when I do Yoga. So, plan of action formed, and will be carried out. It's going to be a great summer, I can feel it. It was such a lovely day today, I got some sun on the way home. Hoping it doesn't turn into a burn. I'll need to remember to wear sunscreen in the future. I have tomorrow off, and I'm planning to use it wisely. I was hoping to do a bit of hiking (just in FCP - nothing big), but I also want to go to Community and get some groceries. I can do that - on my bike - with the ET-esque (thanks Steve) basket. Big enough for a small alien. I can take the train with my bike in the middle of the day. Oh my, the possibilities are endless now that I'm not tied down to a vehicle. Wait a minute, still have the vehicle. Living life as though I don't have one, but umm, still have it. I know I said I'm done plugging, but seriously - anyone want it? I'm open to reasonable offers. It's a great car, I just don't need it anymore. Righto, that's all I have for today. Posts will not be as frequent as they have been in the past because I've made some commitments that will prevent me from being online as much (I know - Becky - offline - shocking), but they will still come from time to time. (realistically probably at least once a week)


sheri said...

becky!!! you inspire me as always! glad your bike seat isn't aching your bum...i HATE when that happens.....
anyways i am starting a diet tuesday...or a PLAN i should name it...i gained so much with the leftover wedding treats!! i'll look to you for strength

B said...

Way to go Becky! I love riding my bike anywhere I can, it gets addicting...and you are looking so FABULOUS!

Ale said...

Hi, Becky!

I found your post looking for information on a bike. I am thinking on purchasing a Norco Citadel (I am quite short, 5' 3'', so I am considering the 14.5'' model). I test drove it on Bow Cycle and loved how smooth it rides, and even how comfortable the seat is compared to a mountain bike. I currently have an ancient (vintage) bike with no gears and quite heavy (which makes a great workout, btw), and want to get a newer bike for longer rides around town. Last summer my bike was my main transportation method, so I guess getting a bike is worth it.
Anyway, I'm wondering how has that bike worked for you so far? Thanks!

Becky said...

Hi Ale,
Well riding the bike has been great (when I've been able to) It's been raining for weeks, so just haven't found the motivation as of late. I did take it for 2 trips into the downtown core 20 km there and 20 back, and that was great. I think once we start to see the sun again, I'll find more reasons to use it. The other great thing about buying a Norco, is that it's Canadian made, and therefore, you feel a bit better about supporting Canadian business. Keep it local - that's my motto.

Ale said...

I am glad to hear that. I am on the undecided side, as I was thinking on getting a cheaper used bike, but this bike feels so nice that I am trying to convince my self to get it. ;)