Sunday, 11 May 2008

Bought A Bike!!!

Yes, that's right. Haven't sold my car yet, but today - I bought a bike. I had to. It was a steal of a deal. The bike (plus basket, bell, tune-ups, etc) cost originally $630 - last year. It's only a year old, and I got it today for $400. It's pretty much what I've been looking for all along, and it will definitely get me to and from work with no problems. It's a Norco Citadel (made in Canada), and it was built for comfort during long bike trips. The people I bought it from believed the seat itself wasn't comfortable enough, so they put in a more comfortable seat - with gel padding - ooh. Just took it for another spin 'round the block, and umm, I guess no bike seats are that comfortable, but whatever. Anyway, I know I said I'd take it for a trial run on a Saturday some time to and from work, but I'm too excited, and can't wait to try it out, so Monday morning, I'm going to give myself a good 2 hours to get to work, and I'm going to see how long exactly it takes me to get downtown from here. 20 km there, 20 km back. So, there you go - I'm a bike commuter. This week, I REALLY MUST sell my car. Spread the word folks. Other good news is, I bought a really comfortable pair of work-type dress shoes for $5.00 clearance today. Mum turns 75 tomorrow on Mother's day, and weather is not too shabby overall this week-end. I have a feeling that the car will sell this week, but keep me in your prayers. I sure could use them.

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