Tuesday, 6 May 2008

To Sum Up My Week...

I have absolutely nothing to blog about this week it seems. I mean, I'm over my cold for the most part - that's news I guess. To say something positive for the cold, it did make me lose 4 pounds instead of 1.5 or 2. So, yay for getting sick. I'm reading this awesome book called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle about Barbara Kingsolver and her family - living my dream!!! Living off the land, completely self suficient except for what they get from their neighbours. I will, of course do a review of it after I am finished, but basically - it's pretty much the greatest thing ever! I am going to see Barbara Kingsolver in person with her family on May 28th at the Knox United Church on 4th St. I bought tickets, so that will be awesome to hear about it first hand. Hmm, what else, well, my brother turned 40 yesterday. It has reminded me of my own mortality. We all seem to be getting older. Darn. Still trying to sell my car, and find a used hybrid bike for $450ish. Please, someone - buy my car! This week please. I know, begging is not flattering, but I'm not proud, I'll beg if I have to. As for bikes, well, I'm debating between Specialized, and Gary Fisher. The Gary Fisher Utopia looks good. Maybe I can find last year's model somewhere. I did see one add for a Gary Fisher Hybrid on Kijiji, but someone already got it. I'm checking daily, don't worry, scanning the horizon and keeping my keen sense of smell on the hunt. Something's gotta come up. Well, later peeps. I'm off to the gym to catch some 90210! Heehee.


barbara said...

Hi Becky,
I bought a 15.5 inch Gary Fisher Utopia about 10 days ago, after much research. I changed the seat for a more comfortable one and added a stand and rack. It's a great bike - fast and smooth on pavement and comfortable and stable on dirt roads and gravel. I found that the frame was too tall and the crossbar too high for me once I tried it out in the real world, however, and decided I need to get a smaller bike. I am going to find out tomorrow if I am able to return it to the store. If they won't take it back for a refund, I will try to sell it myself. Is it the right size for you and would you be interested?
( not sure how communicating on a blog works - I can be reached by e-mail at , and I will also check your blog for a response. Cheers.

Becky said...

Thanks Barbara, but I've got a bike now, and I love it. I bought it used - you can see it on more recent posts. I appreciate the offer to sell though. The Utopia is definitely the high end kind of bike - that would be sweet. Hope you're able to take it back to the store for a refund. Good luck.