Wednesday, 16 April 2008

What I'm doing (hopefully this answers all questions)

This has often been an inspiration to me. I buy this issue every time it comes out - which is twice a year.

Now that people have seen me in public a few times now and also seen pics, I keep getting the same question... What are you doing? So, I figured I'd share what I'm doing.

First off, well, I've been exercising for quite some time, but not consistently really until about a little over a year ago. I had a friend that taught me something about words and the meaning of them. (no longer a friend, however he served an important purpose at the time) The word determination - people always use this one in the wrong context. They always say - "She has determination" when really they should be saying "She determined" because to have determination means that you have decided to do something, and that you don't just have will-power, but have physically decided to do it. So, after that lesson in word definition which I took to heart, I decided that all I needed really was to determine to do it. That was it really, the whole thing was done right there. Weight loss was just a matter of doing it after that. Honestly, it really is that simple. If you can wrap your head around the psychology of weight-loss then your battle is over. So, then, I just exercised regularly, ate 3 meals a day (not 1 huge one, but actual meals), supplemented with herbs, etc. If anyone wants advice on this, then they can find it all over the internet, OR I have a great Dietitian friend that would happily help you out to form a plan for a small donation to her run for Diabetes in Iceland. The best way really (once you have decided it) is to just eat lots of small meals throughout the day, drink lots of water, and then after like say - 6:30 not to eat anything. I replace a couple of meals with meal-replacements because it's just more convenient for me, this may not be the case for everybody. It's all about what works for you. Exercise wise, I get 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week, and do Yoga 3 times a week, and just keep active getting walks on my lunch break, etc. I once read about this girl in people who's mantra was "Eat less, move more" - that seemed to stick with me. Truthfully though, it's all in the psychology. You decide to do it, then you do it, and if you slip up, you don't beat yourself up, just enjoy it, and go back to what you were doing. 80/20 my friends, it's all about the 80/20. I plan to go all the way, and to stay that way the rest of my life. Join me in my lifestyle change revolution. Pick up your forks and join the battle!!!! Enough cheese, seriously it's all in our heads.

These are definitely one of my favorite meal replacements.

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Noa Rose Choose the Present said...

You are so right--it is all in our heads! Once the decision is made to lose weight, change jobs, etc, then Nike has it right--Just do it!