Thursday, 17 April 2008

My Trip To The Market

There was a time once, where I spent every spare minute I had perusing books at book stores, and though I still do go into one at least a couple of times a week, my latest consumer fetish has become consumable goods, namely health food store goods. Just look at the little beauties I picked up today at Community Natural Foods...

Hemp Bliss Organic Hemp Beverage; yes it's brown, but it tastes good, and is rich in omegas and protein. There's no end to the goodness that comes from hemp oil. I have this wicked hand cream called "Hempz" that soothes even my dry Alberta-girl hands. Check this out, in one cup of this baby, there's 120 calories, 6.4 g of Omega-6, 1.2 g of Omega-3, 5 g of Protein, and even a gram of Fibre. It's like a super-food. No there is no THC in it, it's completely safe.

I also got these - seaweed rice crackers to go with my lovely in-store made hummus. Hummus is sooooo good. And the small ammounts of seaweed in the crackers have great health benefits.

Then I found this toothpaste made by the "Green Beaver" company. I bought the cilantro mint flavored variety. It actually does taste like cilantro, and you know how refreshing cilantro is. It did a fabulous job of cleaning my teeth as well. I was really impressed as it's all natural toothpaste.

I've become really big on organic apples these days. I was so sad when they took my apples at the border on the way down to Utah, (wasn't thinking ahead) The apples I bought today are the Cameo variety. They're pretty tasty.

Last but not least, I found this fabulous lip balm...

If you can't read it, it says "Kiss Me I'm Canadian" on it, and it's made by the Shea Butter Market in B.C. They believe in fair trade and all natural ingredients in their cosmetics, and best of all - it's Canadian. This one contains only Organic African Shea Butter, Maple Syrup (of course), jojoba, Cinnamon, and Beeswax. The cinnamon in it means - you guessed it, plumping effects, just look what it did to this anonymous person's lips...

Before KMIC

After KMIC

Noticeable difference, eh? I'm pretty impressed overall. What I'm most impressed of all about is that besides the Apples which are grown in Washington, all of the products listed above are made by Canadian companies. That's right - look how much good we have to offer from our great country! I feel truly blessed to live here and to have such great resources for health available at my fingertips. Oh Canada.

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Evita said...

Hi Becky I actually discovered the Green Beaver toothpaste a short while ago too and I am so impressed. How nice to find such a good and natural product. And like you I really liked the cilantro flavor, I even did a review on it that you can find here:

I agree with the apples too, they are soooo healthy!