Monday, 14 April 2008

Grrrrr, what am I doing wrong?

Stupid mozzarella. You know, maybe I need to find a new formula. I tried it again today, and got worse results than the first time. Then I tried it a second time, again disappointing. Don't worry, I'm not giving up. I was looking in my book I bought - "And That's How You Make Cheese"; and Mr. Sokol uses all the same things that the lady on the website does, except he tests ph and acidity and stuff and uses a double-boiler and heats the milk over an hour to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, perhaps, I ought to be listening to him, and starting with something simpler like cottage cheese, or Queso Blanco. He says that Mozzarella is a "moderate difficulty" cheese to make. It's sort of frustrating though because everyone seems to be able to pull this one off but me. My co-worker Jodi, and also Julie from "dinner with Julie". Ok, not everyone, but those two. Now my friends after having read this will also try it, and I'm sure be successful. There's something wrong with my cheese-making formula. On a positive note, I did make some more excellent Yoghurt tonight. I'm looking forward to eating it this week after being without fresh yoghurt for a week (as last week-end was quite a busy one and couldn't make it) I've been eating Activia all week, and it's not bad, but not fresh you know? I must have my yoghurt. So, I don't know when I will attempt the cheese again, but I'm going to do something simpler next time. Queso Blanco probably. Will let you know (of course).

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Julie said...

Did you add rennet? I've done it 4 times and the only time it didn't work was when I didn't dissolve the rennet in water before adding it - that time I ended up with a kind of cheese paste, almost like ricotta. Maybe I'll hide it in a lasagna!