Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Way Things Should Be - A Canadiens / Flames Final For The Entertainment of Lord Stanley

So glad that the Habs won their game tonight and that they're on to round 2 in the playoffs. Go Habs! Tomorrow night, it's Go Flames! My team better win tomorrow. I would LOVE if the Habs and the Flames made it all the way to the final. One way or the other, man, if that stupid cup goes to a team south of the border one more time, I will scream. It's bad enough that they steal all our players, then they steal our glory as well (because they have our players). I honestly haven't been watching the playoff hockey much yet because - well, I'm a little scared of being set up for disappointment. Plus, I get really sick of the fans here in Calgary around playoff time. It becomes somehow, not about the game anymore, but an excuse to get stinking drunk and to start flashing in the streets. "The Red Mile" - what a joke. Hockey used to be something more than a money-making opportunity for bars along 17th Avenue in this city. You can feel it still - a little when you watch them out there on the ice. I think that's half the problem of why they haven't done so well the last few years. They forgot that it's about the game. They get caught up in the fun and the glory, and forget simple - Hockey. Hockey really is simple and pure in it's most beautiful form. It's not our national sport, but it really is a huge part of who we are as Canadians. The last few games, I admit, I've kind of listened in a little, and I hope, (but not too much for fear of disappointment) that what I hear in the games on the radio is a sign of what's going on in their heads. They've been working hard. Especially in the most recent game. They have a great coach, and I really think he could take them all the way if they just listen to him, and shut out the world for playoff time. Wish them luck tomorrow. One way or the other though, as I said - the cup IS staying in Canada this year. It originated here, and was a gift to our people from Lord Stanley. He didn't give it to the Americans, he gave it to the Canadians. It belongs here. Go Canadian teams!!!!!!!!!

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