Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day to you all!!!

I admit, I've not always been aware of my own personal impact on the earth and the environment. I grew up a little oblivious to all of that because my parents weren't ever that worried about it. It's cultural I think. Perhaps it's because I live in Alberta, who knows? But, over the last few years, I have become more concerned about the earth, and the way it's going, because IN MY MIND, I really believe that I have seen a difference in the weather patterns. Now, some people believe that this is a natural cycle that the earth goes through and that it is perfectly natural for the earth to change weather patterns from time to time, millenia to millenia. Others - such as Dr. Suzuki, Al Gore, and various other environmentalists believe that there is a different reason for climate change. They believe it is because of our own foolish - wasteful ways. Here is a statement from Environment Canada that explains how Climate Change officially works according to them. They can put it way more eloquently than I can...

"Climate change is a shift in long-term average weather patterns, which can include changes in temperature and in precipitation amounts. The international scientific community agrees that there has been a significant change in global climate in recent years, particularly in the polar areas, due largely to the burning of fossil fuels for transportation and industrial processes. These activities emit greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.

Canada's climate is changing too: temperatures are rising, particularly in the Arctic, where permafrost is thawing and the ocean's ice cover is shrinking. Even greater changes are expected in the future, including a continued rise in temperatures, shifts in rainfall patterns, and increases in certain types of hazardous weather, such as heavy spring rains and heat waves. As a cold northern country, Canada will be one of the most greatly affected countries in the world."

The past week or so, in my city, we have had IN MY MIND, some pretty bizarre weather for April. In past years, there has been almost always a lot of snow fall in April. But, it has never been like this. Usually what happens is that there is a huge dump of snow which causes everyone to stay home and enjoy themselves while it melts away and clears for the next day which is usually sunny and bright. Though we have had a few cold spells from time to time in April in Calgary, it has NEVER been like this, and I have lived here my whole life, and really do know what Calgary weather is like. This week, ALL WEEK, it has been cold, dreary, snowy, blowy, and apparently, it will be like this on the week-end again this coming week-end. Now, on facebook I posted my opinion about the recent weather, and the bizarre weather patterns - stating how I believe IN MY MIND that this is due to what environmental scientists call "Global Warming". Well, you would not believe what kind of reaction I got from a such a simple statement such as this... "Rebecca believes that our BIZARRRRRRRE weather is definitely a sign that we ought to be listening to environmental scientists. So sick of this flipping snow" That is all I said. Apparently it was too much for most of my "friends", and they decided to start attacking me from all sides. One actually went so far as to call me a MORON. Like that - in capital letters. I'm all for everybody having their own opinions, and I respect other people's opinions, but I do not respect people who do not respect my opinions. I don't think there ever has been call for that kind of behaviour, and I think people ought to just calm down a little and understand that it is entirely ok that I don't agree with them. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong; the fact is, that there is a problem - we have seen that, and WHATEVER is causing it, ought to be dealt with one way or the other. Plus, we really ought to respect the beautiful world we are living in. It is a gift - from God. He gave it to us, and we ought to appreciate it, and respect it in all aspects. I'm sure even those who made such hateful and spiteful comments towards me can agree with me on that. I did have a few people who made positive comments about my status (which I had no idea would have such impact), and to those friends, I am truly grateful and appreciate very much even if they too disagree with me. Happy Earth Day friends. Here is a video clip that many of you have probably seen, but I think it deserves revisiting because it is a very fair presentation which deals with both sides of the coin, and honestly presents a view-point that no one can disagree with...

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Paper Propaganda said...

global warming scares the crap out of me! haha, it really does. i recycle now. i turn my lights off now. i unplug things now... it's amazing when you think about your impact and the future of what you are going to be leaving behind!