Sunday, 4 January 2009

Things That Make Life Worth Living in Scotland

Chocolate - of British origin and also from various European Nations - obviously way better than anything in Canada and we won't even mention the wax they serve in that other country.

Cheese - Cheap and flavorful and of many different varieties - they also seem to be all the same price regardless of the variety as well.

Produce - You would not believe the freshness, the bounty, and the quality of ALL of the produce in this country. We have no idea what produce is in Alberta - seriously.

Haggis and Deep Fried Mars Bars - Self Explanatory

Shopping - There's lots of it, and it's usually quite enjoyable. Every guide book will tell you that walking is the national past time here, but it is only so if it's in a shopping district. Scots are determined to find the best deal on everything they need. There are deals - deals a plenty.

Argos - The greatest thing ever. Remember Consumer's Distributing? Same story here - I can spend hours looking at the stupid catalogue.

Lidl and Aldi - So fun - and fun foods you'll not find anywhere else. Grocery stores with loads of European products.

Water Softness and Humidity - Yes my hair takes a beating - but there's hair product for that, however, the water tastes fantastic, AND my skin has never been happier. No more velcro hands for me.

Weather - Infinitely better than what I left behind. Sorry to gloat my friends, but the temperature here never really goes below 0 much, and it probably will never be 20 below zero. The scots might freak out about that, as they get freaked out about 0.

Scenery - there's no end of scenery in Scotland. Even being in the city is refreshing for someone from Alberta.

Robbie Burns Day - Coming Soon on the 25th of January - don't worry I'll write all about it when it occurs.

Bag Pipes - sometimes when you're walking down a major Scottish street, you hear them at random - just out of nowhere. Something stirs in the soul when you hear the pipes calling.

Lovely Old Folk - Cute little old people with adorable accents. It's true - they're everywhere. They meet you and instantly they love you and hug and kiss you on the cheek. So adorable.

(really I just posted this pic because this is a cute little old scottish man I would LOVE to meet - *wink wink - nudge nudge*)

Travel - You can get to anywhere in Europe for quite cheap via train or plane with no trouble at all.

Proximity - Everything is so close by - you can walk anywhere in this city in less than half an hour it seems - at the very least in less than an hour - which is nothing for us Canadian folk.

Television - Again - 10 times better than anything in North America

Having People Come Visit - Which hasn't happened yet, and likely shouldn't happen until I have somewhere for them to sleep (need sofa beds). But once that occurs - you are very welcome to do so.


B said...

I'm jealous. Enough said.

Paper Propaganda said...

I promise if i'm anywhere in the UK I will absolutely come visit, as long as you have cheese, haha. ;) i <3 BBC!

atlas too said...

Okay, Okay .. you've sold me!