Sunday, 11 January 2009

Tell Me...

How could you not love this face?

Or this one?

Or even this little Muffin?

I have a friend who swears that these breeds are not real dogs. We get into a debate about it every single time dogs are mentioned. Though, to me, they are my favorite dogs of all. Look at their sweet little faces, and they're furry fat roll covered bodies. Plus, they are sweet little companions. I love the flat-faced dogs, and I think they are the best. I mean, I'm a fan of all dogs, don't get me wrong. A dog is a man or woman's best friend - no matter what breed, hands down. A girl is entitled to have her favorites though.

I've always wanted dogs. Sigh, I could use a canine companion at the moment. I don't think my landlady would approve though, plus, I'll be at work all the time, since I got a temp job for Monday. (at the University of Dundee department of Social Work and Community Education) Dogs need someone around, they shouldn't be couped up in a flat all day long. So, my dream of canine companionship will have to wait until a future date when I can offer more of my time and attention. (not to mention £££) I'm up awfully late at the moment. I'm baking. Yes, that's right, baking again. I took a nap this evening, and therefore, am not tired, sigh. Am going to bed very soon though. Tomorrow I'll be up early-ish for church, and then, tomorrow night, I'll be in bed early for my start on Monday. Wish me luck. You know I'll need it.


Angelique said...

You'll have a wonderful first day on the job! How could anyone not love you? Impossible!!

As for the dog, it will happen, when the time is right as all things :)

Loves ya xo

Hilary said...

Congratulations on the job!! That must be a relief. . .

B said...

You don't need any luck, you are going to do great and they are going to love you! Have fun at work!