Monday, 12 January 2009

First Day At Work Update...

Today I had my first day of work at the temporary position I'm working on at the University of Dundee. I am working at the School of Social Work and Community Education. Which - incidentally - one of my new friends here in Dundee is a student of. I actually saw her name a couple of times today. Anyway, the people there are really really nice, and they didn't really overload me with work or anything, but gave me some lovely simple-like jobs to do - such as entering student applications into a spreadsheet format, and entering the interview details, etc on the spreadsheet. One thing that was kind of cool is that - I had an entire office - all to myself. That's right, my very own - (well, the sick person's) office. It's true. Plus, there was this lovely lush lounge with couches all over it, and computers available for any of the staff to use for their email or whatever. The office is in the "Old Medical School" building - which is pretty cool in itself, because the building is somewhat historic.

Another great thing about working there is that I am a mere 3 minute walk from my friend's office, and I'm sure my other friends who work/study in the area are not far away either. I have an hour lunch break, and am free most days for anybody that may be reading this, and may want to meet for lunch. Haha. And, I LOVE to go out for lunch. (see previous posts with various food pics) How I miss my lunch girls - you know who you are. Anyway, that's the first day news. Not much to tell, but it went pretty smooth overall. I am hopeful to get one of the "Department of Humanities" positions I applied for, because I do enjoy working in that part of the city, and would like to try something a little bit different on a permanent (not just temporary) basis. Well, permanent as in, until one day when I decide to do something else different. Such as, go back to school myself. I was thinking about that today, a lot. I suppose it's bound to happen when you see all of those applications, and the details about whether or not they will achieve their heart's desire and get into the program they want to. I felt a little sad actually for the ones that didn't make it. I really would like to get into the "BSc - Food, Nutrition and Health" program at Abertay University actually. Perhaps that's something I'll have to look into in the near (the next 6 months) future, and figure out what I need to do to get into it. I've put off real post-secondary education for far too long, mostly because of funding or lack thereof. I'm hopeful that life will start to go somewhere for me here in Dundee. Hopefully in all aspects, but we shall see about that.

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