Sunday, 16 May 2010

I Fell Off The Wagon A Little...

Apparently I didn't learn my lesson the last time I gave up Caffeine...

Well, last week during all of the election excitement, and staying up late to watch this news or that I got to be pretty tired in the mornings. So what did I do? I turned to my old friend Diet Cherry Coca-Cola. I need to remember though, it is NOT my friend. No - not! I'm sad to say that yet again, today I am suffering from Caffeine Withdrawal. I think I have spent quite a lot of my adult life suffering from Caffeine Withdrawal. The best times I've had in my life, where I've felt the most healthy have been when I've been off the sauce - entirely. I've got to get off the sauce again. Today, it was quite by accident really. It's the week-end is all. No caffeine yesterday, or today. Today I am feeling it by golly.

I'm sure most of this blog makes very little grammatical sense. If so, you can blame it on the caffeine withdrawal. Why is it so painful? I don't know. I'd like it all to stop though. Make it all stop.

I'm thinking of going to Addiction Recovery classes at the church on Thursdays. I have a bit of an addictive personality I'm afraid. If I weren't a Mormon, and I didn't have the "Word of Wisdom" to follow, I would probably be dead in some ditch by now. Yep - dead in a ditch. Thank goodness my parents let the missionaries in. In fact, if they didn't let them in, I probably wouldn't have been born at all because my parents would have never met. So - overall - thank goodness for my parents letting the missionaries in. Way to go Mum & Dad! Way to go missionaries!

Excuse me while I crash on my bed for a while.

Later peeps!

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