Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Flat Chloe!!!

Have you heard of the "Flat Stanley" books? Well, my niece has a project she is doing in school associated with the "Flat Stanley Project". So she sent along "Flat Chloe" to me for a wee adventure... (that's her name - Chloe) I got this letter, and this miniature drawn version of my niece to take around with me...

So, today we had an adventure, and here is my report back to her teacher...

Dear Mrs Coombe,

Flat Chloe mailed herself all the way to Dundee, Scotland.  I took her around with me today on a typical "day in the life" of Becky...

I took Flat Chloe to work with me - where I work as a Finance Administrator.  The picture shows me in my work setting - with my files behind me.  Then, on my lunch break - I took Flat Chloe around to some of the places where I spend my time here in Dundee.

First off, I showed Flat Chloe some of the buildings where I work at the University of Dundee.

Then I showed her the Tay Rail Bridge.  This is actually quite a famous bridge, because in 1879 there was a terrible disaster where the bridge gave out.  The entire train fell into the Tay with no survivors.  The bridge has obviously been rebuilt since then, and we use it all the time with no problems, but the news at the time shocked the world.

After seeing the bridge, I took Flat Chloe further into town, where we came across the famous statue of Desperate Dan here in Dundee.  Desperate Dan is quite a famous comic book character in the UK, and he was invented right here in Dundee.  In fact, some of the most famous comics were invented here in Dundee, including the characters in the Beano, and the Dandy.  Dennis the Menace was born right here in Dundee!

I also showed Flat Chloe some of our local artchitecture, including the Steeple Church of St Mary's on the Nethergate.  Another thing we saw was the R.R.S. (Royal Resesarch Ship) Discovery.  The Discovery was built right here in Dundee, and it was the ship that Captain Robert Falcon Scott first took to Antartica.  It actually got stuck in the ice for 2 years!  In fact, another ship that was built in Dundee came out to rescue the Discovery and pull it out of the ice.  The Discovery went on several polar expeditions, and now it has a permanent home docked here in Dundee where people can come and see it.

At the end of my work day, we had some visitors at the University, including 2 Jacobite Highlanders and a Piper!!!  So, we had our picture taken with them.  (broad sword and all)  It's a long story as to why the highlanders and piper showed up, so I won't tell it.  Needless to say though, it was a pleasant surprise.

After we left the highlanders, we walked through the park to my church.  As we walked through Baxter park, we came across Baxter Pavillion.  Baxter park and pavillion were named after a wealthy family that owned many Jute mills.  For a very long time, Jute was one of the main industries here in Dundee, but eventually, it died out.  The owners of the jute discovered that it was cheaper for them to mill jute in India - where it is produced instead of shipping it all the way to Dundee and then distributing it.  The last Jute mill died out in the 1970's.  This was a heavy blow to Dundonians as Jute mills were a major source of employment for them.  So, long story short, I took a picture of Flat Chloe with the Baxter Pavillion.

When we got to the church, Flat Chloe met up with some Scottish kids her own age.  We had an activity tonight that included making cookies.  The kids had their picture taken with Flat Chloe.  On our way home, we came across what looks like a castle.  :-)  *wink wink, nudge nudge*  Actually, it was the Dundee Waterworks station, but it looks just like a castle - doesn't it?

So, that was my day with flat Chloe... it was a good day... pretty typical in my life.  I'll send Flat Chloe back in her envelope.  But, here are the pictures I took of her.  I think Flat Chloe had a pretty fun time with me.  :-)

All the best,

Flat Chloe's Aunt

*I only wish it was real Chloe I was taking around with me instead... :-( *

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