Sunday, 28 March 2010

1 Lone Purple Carrot

I've had a cold since about Wednesday... I'm sure you've seen the Tweets. So, I've been down and out for a few days. I don't know why - but for some reason these Scottish Colds have hit me harder than usual. Before about October - I hadn't had a real cold per se for about a year and a half I think. Since about that time, I've had about 12 I think... I was fine for the last month or so - until Wednesday. :-( However, I'm feeling mostly better now. I forced myself out of the house yesterday morning because we had our Primary Easter Party - which went very well - and with a fair amount of cold medication in me - was enjoyable overall. The kids had fun, and so did I. I admit though, it was quite stressful planning/organizing and anticipating it. It was all worth it in the end - I think everyone had a lot of fun. :-)

That's right - you do see glasses on those chicks... the other ones had head scarves. Oh Lidl - how we love you.

Then, after that, Steve and MBCB convinced me to go and see their new allotment - which I will be helping them with while they are gone for most of the summer...

... now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking - remember what happened last year Becky? The mass garden murder of 2009? Well - this will be quite a bit easier for me to care for - as it's in the same city see? It will only cost me £2.40 round trip on the local bus - and take me 10 minutes of travel time. Also, I'm not going to be spending money on Heritage Variety Seeds, etc... ALTHOUGH, I discovered yesterday amongst the carrots that Steve pulled out of Sue Anne's patch - 1 lone purple carrot. That's right - 1 purple carrot survived...

However, it was in rough shape, and therefore I'm not going to eat it. Also - apparently these purple carrots are orange inside. What's the purpose of having a purple carrot if it's still the same boring orange inside? *snore* Well, I have learned my lesson though - start with the hardy, tried and true varieties. Anyway - this is Steve and MBCB's allotment - so I'll just be maintaining and harvesting whatever they want to plant. It is a lovely little spot though...

It comes with trees (we think Pear, Apple and Cherry), Strawberries, Raspberries, and any number of other lovely things. Also - there's sheds, a patio, and room for Greenhouses. PLENTY of room. Makes me want to have one of my own... sigh. Apparently it's dirt cheap too - £21 a year!!! for land! Quite a large chunk of land! The trouble is getting one. However, it's doable - you just have to put yourself on a list, and be patient. There's some right close to me here... maybe I'll see about getting myself on a list. In the meantime, I'll help my friends with theirs.

So - yeah - I know how most of my summer week-ends will be spent... at the allotment of course.

Back to work tomorrow. Busy times ahead. :-/ I hate being sick... the reason I hate being sick (besides just general sickness) is because there's always so much work to do when I go back to work. I REALLY hope that's the last cold for a while. The next time some random sickie walks past my desk - I'm going to pull out a face mask and tell them to go away - FAR away. People are so very generous with their germs. I do resent that a little.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about your new calling. Looks like everything is going well. Good luck on the garden this year. I also am attempting a garden this year. Although I can't plant for another month or so.