Sunday, 7 March 2010

What I Did This Week-end

I've left it a bit late in the evening to be blogging, but here goes...

I went to the Preston, England Temple this week-end. (it's actually in Chorley though - not Preston) In our faith - the Temple is the equivalent of God's literal house on earth. It's a sacred place, and one can only enter the temple doors if they are worthy to do so. It's a place where we learn more about Christ and his plan for us. We grow closer to him through the sacred ordinances performed there. For me - it has been about 18 months since I last went to the temple. That was back home in Alberta... Cardston to be exact.

When I walked into the temple doors, it was like I had returned home. It's always nice for me - to step outside of the world and enter the house of the Lord and feel a sort of peace that only comes in that place. So... for me - it was very refreshing. The week-end has left me feeling like a new person somewhat. I won't wait for 18 months to go back again. I'm hoping to go next month. :-) I also had a nice experience in that I finally go to meet a friend of mine - who has been an internet-based online friend for something like 3 years. So - there I was in the temple, getting ready to do my session... I turned around, and there he was. He's an engineer at the temple. Imagine getting to be in the temple every day, and also get paid! That's a great job - if you ask me. It was nice to finally meet him in person and catch up. :-)

If anyone wants to learn more about temples, you can find information about them here... (link)

Also, here's a video about temples...

Have a great week everyone. :-) Next week-end I'm hoping to get my long lie-in. I've been away for 2 week-ends in a row now. But both week-ends have been worth it.

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kaly said...

How nice you got to go to the temple! Andy and I are looking forward to going this month - we haven't gone since before Otto arrived, so we're excited to go again!