Monday, 1 March 2010

Gangsters, Singles, and Ice Hockey

So - this week-end a couple of Dundonian lads and I decided to hit the road and head to Nottingham for an LDS mid-singles dance entitled "Valentine's Massacre" - a Gangsta Valentine's Dance. I'll tell you what drew me in - it was the "Valentine's Massacre" title; because really - that's something a girl can relate to. Haha. Anywho - 7 hours later - we arrived (shattered) but had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES. We came across some fantastic people. I met some men. (a few actually), saw an old friend, had a great time. It was gangster themed - as in dress up as a gangster from the 20's and 30's. I didn't really dress up - but check out how THIS mad mob dressed...

(stolen from facebook) These were the two lads I went down with and some of the fun folks we met down there. p.s. - the cigarette is fake - Julian has NOT taken up smoking

Anyway - fun times. We stayed the night - I stayed at Virginia's BIG house - which was also a fun time. The next day we went to church and then the steak house, (had to eat) had a laugh with some friends, and headed home. 7 hours later, I was yet again shattered - got home, checked my facebook, posted the following status, and then the following thing happened. I will copy and paste it here - so that you can get the full effect...

Becky - just got home from spending a fantastic week-end in Nottingham. It was a great time. Thanks friends - for making it fun. :-) Totally shattered just now, and therefore going to sleep.
Yesterday at 21:56

Karlo - Sleep?...How can you sleep at a time like this??...:)
Yesterday at 22:01 ·

Becky - I KNOW, I KNOW!!!! It's totally unpatriotic of me, and as you know - I've been obsessively following the results. Alright, alright - what period is it? I MIGHT be able to hold out a bit longer...
Yesterday at 22:03 ·

Karlo - lol...Canada up 2-1....Under 15 min. of the 3rd left...:)
Yesterday at 22:05 ·

Becky - alright!!!!! Eeeeeh. You'll have to keep me posted then. I have no tv. Sigh...
Yesterday at 22:06 ·

Karlo - OK....I will look away from the tv once in a 11 min. left....:)
Yesterday at 22:09 ·

Becky - ok Karlo... what's happening now? Have we won yet???????????????
Yesterday at 22:20 ·

Karlo - 5 min. to go.....You should try to watch it online, just go to
Yesterday at 22:20 ·

Karlo - 2:09 left...:)
Yesterday at 22:23 ·

Karlo - 1:17....The US net is empty...:)
Yesterday at 22:25 ·

Becky - ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!! It won't let me. I would have LOVED to see it live. However, I don't have this silverlight nonsense, and I use Ubuntu anyway - so I never know what to download. Plus - there's no time to download. I'll just wait for your update.
Yesterday at 22:26 ·

Becky - Empty net?!?! We're in.
Yesterday at 22:26 ·

Karlo - About 55 seconds left....US empty net...Canada takes a time out
Yesterday at 22:27 ·

Becky - oh the intensity!!!!!! I'm totally re-watching the end of the game on the BBC iplayer tomorrow...
Yesterday at 22:28 ·

Karlo - Crap....The US scored
Yesterday at 22:28 ·

Becky - NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 22:29 ·

Karlo - US tied it with 24 seconds left....Going to overtime
Yesterday at 22:30 ·

Becky - OH MAN!!!! Well, at least I'm now awake....
Yesterday at 22:31 ·

Karlo - Now we have to wait and it's anybody's game now.....crazy
Yesterday at 22:33 ·

Yesterday at 22:34 ·

Deborah (my sister) - Crap. What a disappointment - 20 seconds left and they score!
Yesterday at 22:42 ·

Becky - I'm calling you now - you can put the phone to the tv...
Yesterday at 22:47 ·

Becky - Did you change mobile phone numbers? How come you're not answering the landline?
Yesterday at 22:49 ·

Jesse (my nephew) - yes!!!! we just won WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
Yesterday at 22:54 ·

Jesse (my nephew) - crosby from iginla
Yesterday at 22:54 ·

Becky - Thanks for the details Jesse Bear.
Yesterday at 22:55 ·

Becky - I was listening on Grandma's TV via phone. Haha...
Yesterday at 22:56 ·

Jesse (my nephew) - rofl
Yesterday at 22:56 ·

So - that in a nutshell is how I followed the ending of the GREATEST game of Hockey played in history. I'm only kidding - there's been a lot of great games through the years. I'm guessing though - this one will be right up there on the list. The US did NOT let go of the gold lightly. Good for them for fighting all the way. That's great hockey right there. Sadly - they haven't posted the game on the BBC i-player. :-( I guess I'll have to wait until it comes on You-Tube. I'm guessing it will show up in a day or two - that goal - that MAGICAL goal. Crosby is now a legend. Canada has won 14 Gold medals in these games. That's a record. Not bad at all for a country where we have NEVER BEFORE won a gold medal on home turf. We went in wanting to win - and we won. I think it's about time Canadians started abandoning politeness in sports and cheered on their athletes in reckless abandon - like other countries who will remain nameless. *cough - USA* They certainly showed their disgust for our overt patriotism via their commentators (from what I hear) - I say - it's about time they saw what it was like for the rest of the world - every time they show a disgusting display of patriotism. Get over it. Eat Silver - haha... Right - that's all I'm going to say about that. I have good friends who are Americans, and I admit that there are idiots in all countries of the world - and that we shouldn't judge all people from a certain country by a few people - simply because the few happen to be the loudest, most obnoxious people in the world. I know some great people who are Americans.

Anyway - the Olympics are over - and I can now get back on with my life. No more obsessive score checking. What a great week-end overall. What an amazing way to top it off though - with a Gold Medal in what we as Canadians call "Our Game". It really is our game. We invented it, we love it the most, and we make it a part of who we are. It's part of our national identity.

I could almost kiss Don Cherry right now. :-)

*amendment* - The BBC i-player DID show me highlights. It's at the beginning of the Closing Ceremonies. So - FANTASTIC - to see the winning goal and to see them all receive their medals. To hear the anthem was SO sweet.

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