Friday, 2 April 2010

Out Of Office

This post is in place of the post I will not be writing on Sunday...

I'm going on vacation!!! To this place...

Otley - in Wharfdale - where my Aunt lives. It's lovely out there...

So - I'm afraid all internet activity will be carried out on an "absolutely necessary" basis only. I'm not going to be checking facebook, or my e-mail. The only thing I will commit to doing is Tweeting - from my mobile phone. So, you may see my FB status update - every time I Tweet, and you'll see my wee Twitters from here - on my blog. Yes, me in the Dales for a week. It will be lovely. :-) It should be good times. The only thing I regret is - that I'm going there on the megabus.

I wish I had paid more attention to myself when I complained about megabusing last time... it's rather a sad story how I wound up booking it yet again - this time actually.

I was trying to book a train on the "East Coast" Rail website. (which used to be "National Express East Coast") Well, their website is totally useless, and will not take my debit card details. May I point out that their website is the ONLY site I have ever had this trouble with. So, anyway, I called them up, and they said I could book over the phone... I asked if I could get the online discount - since it was their fault I could not buy tickets on their website. They said no. In my anger, and frustration - I turned to the megabus website... and who did I wind up hurting in this situation? I hurt only myself. Sigh... so anyway - that's why I'm on the megabus tonight. (that's right I said - tonight as in overnight :-( )

The ironic thing is - that a few weeks later, I had the same trouble in trying to book a train - for later on in this month. My friend offered to help me use his card to buy the tickets - yes that's right - the website didn't take his card details either... totally useless! For some reason I was thinking clearer this time around, and looked for a different website / different company that books train tickets... found one, and booked - with no problems. Could have saved myself the grief I will be going through tonight if I had thought with this kind of sensibility before, however what's done is done. We live and learn.

So - yes - I'm off tonight. Will report in a week's time, with pictures and stories. :-)


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LambAround said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing all these photos. Hubby and I are leaving on vacation soon and this post has me extra excited!

It also has me wanting some Easter candy :)

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