Thursday, 4 February 2010

Blog-Aid (what a brilliant idea)

ooh, look - it's a blog in the middle of the week...

Well, I just had a thought, and decided to share it. I've just purchased this cookbook...

It's a collaboration between Julie Van Rosendaal and 26 other food bloggers on the internet. I know that every single recipe I've ever gotten from Julie has been absolutely fabulous, so seriously - it's worth every penny, and the best bit is that every penny spent on these books is going to help the folks in Haiti. I think it's a brilliant project, and I'm happy to support it. I highly recommend others do so as well.

You can buy the book here... (link)

... and you can read Julie's comments here... (link)

Go out and buy this book! (Actually, you don't need to go anywhere to buy it, I certainly didn't. Buy it from the comfort of your home.) Seriously - buy it.

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