Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bad Sportsmanship

I have 2 home countries. I was born and grew up in Canada, but all of my ancestors before me were born right here in the UK. That makes me British through and through. I'm very proud to be a Canadian, but I am equally proud to be British. (by British I mean - all of Britain - as my ancestors come from all across this land - and Ireland too incidentally)

However, I have to say that I am ashamed of the Canadian athletes (Americans and Germans too) who have picked on this girl...

Amy Williams - Olympic Gold Medalist for Great Britain. She is the first individual Gold Medallist winner in this country for 30 years.

The argument apparently is that her helmet is slightly more aerodynamic than everybody else's. The fact of the matter is - she slid better than anyone else on that course. Mellisa Hollingsworth had a crap run... let's admit it. We all saw it. That happens sometimes. Get over it. Stop crying about it. It just makes you (and all of us as Canadians) look pathetic and sad when you can't be a good sport and accept that someone raced better than you. The helmet was inspected and passed by a jury for competition. Amy did NOT add a spoiler to her helmet, it was made like that by the manufacturer.

It just makes me sick that you can't let her have her big moment without this nonsense. I'm really ashamed, very very ashamed of you Mellisa Hollingsworth - and all of the athletes making a big deal about this. It's sad. Pathetic and sad.

Sigh... what is the purpose of the Olympics? To bring athletes together from all over the world in a friendly spirit of competition. This is an opportunity for them to show their very best - not their worst. Bad sportsmanship is just that - bad. Instead of being a good sport and congratulating Amy on her excellent run, you've just brought a bad spirit into the games with your ridiculous allegations. Honestly, I'm ashamed, just ashamed of you.

On a positive note - Canada and the US go head to head tonight in Men's Hockey. Let's hope Team Canada do well tonight. I'm certainly routing for them. However if they don't (heaven forbid) then I won't go crying about it and blaming the Americans. Sorry, I have to let this go don't I? Still, it's just annoying. Bad sportsmanship is just sad.

We're very proud of you Amy. :-) You're a hero back here in your home country. You tell them where to shove their helmet controversy.

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