Sunday, 14 February 2010

VD & The Olympic Spirit...

Well, it's Valentine's Day, and I find myself not dwelling on the usual things I think about on Valentine's Day (you know - how I've never had a good one, and how - yet again I'm all alone, etc...) I find myself obsessively watching the Olympic Games on the BBC i-player, and also - not worrying so much that I'm all alone on Valentine's Day - yet again. Besides that, a dear friend (of the male persuasion) sent me a lovely Valentine's message. (that hasn't happened since grade 6) I also enjoyed a nice evening out at a girlfriend's house - where she entertained a house full of people with good food, crafts, and cookies. It was nice. I often refer to VD (pun intended) as Single's Awareness Day - as everywhere you turn in the weeks leading up to it - there's all this ridiculous pink and red everywhere, and lingerie is on sale, and chocolate, and flowers, etc... but - really it's not so bad if you ignore it.

Here's David Mitchell on... "The Act of Giving Flowers" - just to remind us of how foolish we all are...

Whilst I think David's Soapbox rant is quite funny, and highly accurate, I find that I - being a girl - am always happy to receive flowers. I will happily always accept flowers from anyone who chooses to give or even send them to me. However, having said all of that, I have learned that the key to enjoying Valentine's Day is to just ignore it. Enjoy the Winter Olympics, and the company of nice people, and forget all the other crap.

Speaking of Winter Olympics...

Did you see the Opening Ceremonies??? Sheer Canadian awesomeness.... that's the only way to describe it. Everything about it said "Canada" to me. I LOVED it, and I don't usually love those things. Perhaps it's just because I'm so far from home, and I needed a little home to remind me of where I came from.

I'm going to be eyeing the scores of the hockey this year very closely. Go Team Canada! Women's and Men's teams that is... we're going to take them all down - one by one... in a friendly Olympic Spirit kind of way that is.

People say that the Olympics are too expensive, and that Vancouver is going to go Bankrupt hosting them, and yes - they have a point, but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying the Olympics anyway. I do love watching hours of people doing things I would never do in a million years. (Beckys don't respond well to slidey things on their feet)

Sad to hear of the Georgian athlete who died in training. It is tragic, though I suppose that is the risk all Winter athletes take - especially in a sport as dangerous as Luge-ing. I hope his team-mates are able to carry on in his absence and do very well in the games.

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