Friday, 19 December 2008

Julie's Genius Creation

So, I had a list today of apparently 79 items in which to buy at the store. I went to the Tesco, and started looking for the items one by one. It turns out that it's quite difficult to find specific items in a store that is unknown to me in a foreign-ish country. So - 2 and a half hours later, I found everything - except the toothpicks, and then, ordered a cab to bring me home to my flat. I now have ingredients and tools for making Choclava, Bran Muffins, Mulligatawny, and a lovely Lemon Berry Loaf, among other things. So, what was the first real thing besides tuna melt and eggs I cooked in my flat? Choclava!!! This is a fantastic recipe invented by Julie Van Rosendaal which has now become my favorite low-fat, low-cal cookie - simply because it really doesn't taste low fat or low calorie at all, and it's so very very choclatey. Mmmmmmm. The picture above isn't mine, I stole it from Julie's site. Hope you don't mind Julie. I give you all the credit though. You are the genius who created them. Anyway, yeah - made Choclava, and now my whole flat smells like Chocolate. It is fantastic. I was all ready to go to bed by the way - about an hour ago, but then got up to check something online, and now here I find myself blogging. Ah, it's a ripple effect. I ended up staying up until 3 last night, just catching up with email, etc. This is a habit which I shall have to nip in the bud. Especially since I have 2 interviews for jobs next week, and will start work/real life soon. I think I'm going to head down to Tayside Recyclers tomorrow and see about finding a bed, and maybe a hand mixer. I saw a hand mixer at the Tesco, but couldn't justify the 10 pounds it cost. (still haven't got that button for the pound symbol - gaah) There's a chance I might go with friends for sushi in St. Andrew's on Saturday afternoon. Fingers crossed it all goes through because we all know I love Sushi. Yes, things are coming together here for me. One thing at a time. I honestly feel at peace - weird, but true. No job, living in a foreign-ish country, living in a flat all by myself without furniture. Feeling great.

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Julie Van Rosendaal said...

genius!! wow! can you gain genius status for a cookie? I'll take it!!